Jac believed what Jim Perrin told her… she was not aware of the truth — Part 2

Considering all we have discovered about Jim Perrin’s past relationships, it is interesting to note, after our sister died of cancer within nine months of her diagnosis, how quickly he was able to gain the support and loving sympathy of at least six other partners — up to the present — two within the year of Jac’s death. He claimed that he was himself now dying of the disease: they could hardly have missed this tragic coincidence…  His account of the illness, ref. Jim Perrin diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer? and his patient suffering and acceptance as he dealt so bravely with his failing health!  —  together with his ‘history’ of past distress, the ‘lack of any real love or understanding’ — was to make him the irresistible subject for the ministrations of the sensitive women he seems opportunistically to have targeted (they were never without property and/or means) and with whom, in succession, he began A New Life. Each believed their love alone could save him — that they were ‘the only one’. Until, that is, he began to display his habitual patterns of behaviour; his controlling ways and anger when thwarted, and his psychological power-play — this, although at first subtle, growing in intensity: his sarcasm cruel in its bite.

‘Successively’ each of the women Jim Perrin charmed discovered too late how mistaken their instincts had been, and how misplaced had been their trust. They recognised then that even from the beginning, when they were happy, all was the means to his end — a sham. They had been used; and their self-confidence was shattered. On some the effects have been nothing less than devastating and consequently life-changing; and they have shared their details with us. Jim Perrin, they say, is utterly selfish, a faithless man and not a man of good character. He has been particularly treacherous to women (although several men have also told us of their experiences with him) and many say he has destroyed their lives. It is important to make clear at this point that those who have contacted us after discovering our site are not exaggerating: some have been in tears as they shared their memories, and were it not for further consequences to themselves and their families would make known publicly how he has behaved towards them. This is of course how he has ‘got away with it’ all these years…

*        *        *        *        *

In our sister’s case these traumas were in the future and, inevitably, Jim Perrin smoothly accomplished his move to a secret address in the country. While at first, and never knowing his real reasons for leaving his property in the village of Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, Jac had hesitated — there were many factors to consider, ref. Jim Perrin, a cuckoo in the nest? — she had by then agreed, believing implicitly all that he had told her about his ex-wife, that he should move to her house, even discussing the siting of a caravan in her garden for his use as a study. All would be well; all would be peaceful. He could recover from the stress of emotional onslaughts endured (he had always been the victim… ) and in that quiet and secluded place his wandering muse would return.

*        *        *        *        *

Time passed, not without crises — some we have described in earlier posts — but none the less a new pattern of life had been established and Jim Perrin, his stratagem having been successful, was Lord Of All He Surveyed. Therefore it came as a deadly shock to Jac when, by pure chance (or fate) we learned that he had a baby with his former wife. Ref. Jim Perrin takes to the hills. For secret reasons of his own he had failed to mention this to our sister — as he had the marriage with his baby’s mother until it suited him to do so; please see: Part 1 of this post, and Jac was both horrified and mortified. She quite realised the implications of his omission, as compared to being informed about the older children: it showed not only his moral dishonesty but also that as he was the father of a small baby with another woman, the validity of her own relationship with him must now be in doubt.

How was Jim Perrin to explain away this little difficulty in terms that Jac would find credible and without putting at risk all that he had gained? He faced the prospect, now that she knew, that she would break with him and there was for a time the very real chance that she would do so; members of our family had found the details, as we said earlier ‘by pure chance’ — evidence which was incontrovertible — and we were aware at first-hand of our sister’s desolation when she read for herself the words he could not deny. (It is of interest that Jim Perrin had in the past contrived to have two relationships at the same time on at least two occasions. The four women concerned had no idea at all until later… )

Yet he, ever able to turn a situation to his advantage, and to our surprise, managed to cajole Jac from her misgivings into a semblance of calm and once again to convince her that he was an innocent man. This most recent episode was within their first months together, before she experienced the darker side of his nature and had become unhappy and disillusioned: she was still enthralled and longed to believe in him. But she had been badly shaken and although she had committed herself to him Jim Perrin needed, and swiftly, to repair the damage — to assure her that he was in no way culpable.

It would be a disaster if he lost his sanctuary, the sanctuary where he was so successfully hidden from official detection: Jac however had no idea at all that this was the case. It was urgent that he regain and reinforce her trust. By referring to his marriage and admitting (having been un-masked he could not deny it) that he did indeed have a baby with his ex-wife, he told Jac that on parting they had decided, as she was sufficiently well-placed financially to provide for the baby herself — and bearing in mind the extreme violence and animosity of their time together (he said) — he would have no parental responsibility: this, he explained, was the amicable arrangement to which they had agreed, and as he had said of the break-down of the marriage: ‘He had put it all behind him’ — so, he had argued, there was no reason to tell Jac…

We would like to say here that knowing  Jim Perrin’s track-record we do not believe a word of what he said; instead he was, as we have the evidence he has done before, maligning for effect the character of, in this case, his ex-wife and we now know, indisputably and not forgetting his history of physical and emotional violence in other relationships, that it was he who was guilty of the behaviour he attributed to her.

It was of the utmost importance that he should be able to convince our sister that no blame could be laid at his door; and we not only know but have shown throughout the course of our posts that he is capable of great deception.

*        *        *        *        *

So it was, at that time, and in her circumstances, and in view of all the ‘details’ he had given our sister about his marriage which she believed, the story about his baby was also presented so plausibly that, as before and after considering what she had been told, she was willing to accept his account completely.

Later she died of the cancer from which she had been suffering and although by then deeply unhappy with Jim Perrin and intending, had she lived, to end their relationship, she never knew the full depths of his duplicity or how, as in the case of his young ex-wife and their baby, he had so comprehensively deceived her. (And none of this takes into account a second baby which we discovered only after our sister had died.) He had managed, through his twisting of the facts, ‘to have it all his own way’ with never a mention of the Child Support Agency and his ever-determined efforts to evade them. Jac completely believed what Jim Perrin had told her, and as we know and have conclusively shown: ‘She was not aware of the truth.’

Jac’s sisters.

PS. Re. our post, Jim Perrin moves on again?  The latest news from Harlech is that the house where Jim Perrin has been living has now been sold (for the second time, the previous sale having fallen through) and several messages have been sent to us on this subject. Apparently Jim Perrin is not well thought of and one message ends with the rather telling: ‘Let’s hope all goes to plan this time and Harlech is freed from his lies and fantasies.’ Ouch…

PPS. Since the preceding note Jim Perrin, with his current partner, has made several more moves. There is some question, 06/11/2018, as to whether he is living at a new address — the latest — in Wales (of which the CMS is now aware) or has moved to France as he is presently claiming.

Yet another PS: 10/12/2019. He IS now living mainly in France, in a house bought by his current partner, but, as well, has the use of the address in Wales. (Not his, but also owned by his partner’s company.)