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Jac’s funeral


Our sister Jac died on the 11th of May in 2005. The statement is stark; the fact hard to bear, even now. Her family and those who loved her took their loss and dealt with it as bravely as they could. Her children exemplified dignity with deep grief and they were in every way a credit to her love for them.

They arranged, as they knew she would have wished, a ceremony which incorporated remembrance and gaiety. So great was the number of mourners that the chapel could not hold them. The Dean of St. Asaph led the service and his daughter, a friend of our niece, played her harp. Readings were given by Jac’s partners past and present and by her children, sister and friends. Continue reading

Happier times


This is the photograph of our sister, Jac (first left) with her children — taken in Spain — to which we referred in our previous post.  Jim Perrin had obliterated with a felt-tip pen the face of the son for whom he had conceived his extraordinary hatred: but later Jac’s ‘Welsh’ sister took away the negative and had it re-printed for her.  It is we think, a really lovely photograph, capturing an idyllic moment in their lives together — before Jim Perrin’s ill-fated presence in their family home (and minus his vile and despicable ‘blacking out’).

Jac’s sisters.

A photograph of Jac at the workbench in her ‘cold-room’


Not for nothing was Jac’s workroom known as ‘the cold-room’ — it was utterly perishing in the colder months! But she produced a remarkable body of work there nevertheless and her growing reputation as a stained-glass artist brought her many commissions. Apart from her miniature items such as dream-catchers and representations of the Buddha, she was regularly commissioned to produce other pieces — for instance doors and stained-glass windows for homes, as well as requests from the ecclesiastical world: despite the scale of these larger works, the beautiful delicacy and precision still shone through; as well as a whimsical sense of humour in the panels she designed for combination with the sensory musical instruments which her partner constructed for children’s play areas and which have given such pleasure to so many…

We will be pleased to show some examples of our sister’s artistry on the right-hand side of this website.