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Jim Perrin sharpens his little knife again?

Presumably Jim Perrin was paid by The Sunday Telegraph for his recent full-page article — in Glorious Technicolor — on the topical issue of Sherpas versus mountaineers, 05/05/2113, and we wonder if they were aware that by publishing it verbatim they had allowed him the opportunity to engineer and incorporate into the article what surely might be a libellous remark — certainly a sly dig — yet another in what we know to be a long list of these towards people against whom Jim Perrin appears to harbour a grudge or bear resentment.

He does not accuse the Sherpas, nor indeed the other main subjects in the article, of being ‘non-performers’ but with his considerable ‘skill’ in these matters — and we have experienced his distasteful ways at first hand, note his virtually libellous comments about us in West and in The Guardian, (writing as  ‘Melangell’, a long-used alias) — he has managed to disparage in his carefully crafted use of that phrase the authors of ‘Mountains of the Mind’, ‘The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine’ and ‘Into the Silence’: it is quite obvious what Jim Perrin has done, and shows him to be without qualm or conscience. Continue reading