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Guardian Country Diarist Jim Perrin’s plan fails to materialise

Jac’s children were not convinced (ref. the preceding post) and knowing their mother had wanted only their security they felt unwilling to accept Jim Perrin’s story of her ‘last wish’;  they were well aware their landlord had given Jac his assurance that they would be able to take over the tenancy should the need arise…

They told their ‘Welsh’ aunt about the conversation and she drove over to their house to discuss this  latest development.  She had spoken with Jac at great length in the recent days — as had each of her sisters — and she was able to say with certainty that there could have been no such ‘last wish’. Indeed Jac’s last thoughts had been quite otherwise: they were concerned with how Jim Perrin would treat her children if he did have control over them, and knowing how badly he had treated them she was deeply anxious. Her ‘Welsh’ sister had reassured her as best she could and had faithfully promised her that she would protect them should it become necessary.

For the record:  Jim Perrin lied when he wrote that he was with Jac when she died, nor had he been, for many hours, at her bedside whilst she was alive.  He had left her quite alone, early on the previous evening,  yet afterwards he spoke with two of her sisters in phone calls, telling them that she ‘was much better’, ref. our post Our account of Jac’s illness — part three and, in the period between taking her into hospital in Chester on Wednesday,  gravely ill with her cancer,  he had made time to leave her and to drive to Derbyshire where, he wrote, he stayed with friends. ref. our post Our account of Jac’s illness — part four — before he ‘hurried back to her side’! Continue reading

Jim Perrin — a cuckoo in the nest?

In another letter to our sister, Jim Perrin — ruthlessly and without any shame — applied the greatest pressure in order to persuade her that she should ‘get rid’ of her current partner: he who was still living in their home and funding the household; still sharing their bedroom; and who had his long-established business and workshop in one of their barns. Ref. our post Jac’s Last Long Relationship.

In her own way, which was never confrontational, and in her own time, not wishing to cause her partner greater hurt, by now Jac felt she wished for a separation, albeit she was certainly having second thoughts. He had his life there too, and his workshop-studio, and she hated to cause him unnecessary extra pain; and then of course there would be the enormous upheaval of moving the contents of his work-shop; all the wood, tools and machinery which he had accumulated over the years. So, as we said, in her own time and in her own way Jac was trying to find a civilized solution. Continue reading

Jim Perrin plans his next move

When Jim Perrin wrote to our sister shortly after May 1st 2003, it was to express his view that their relationship should be placed on a more public footing: we have acknowledged elsewhere in our posts that our sister became very much in love with him, and she was certainly  besotted with him for a while and could not see clearly.

Others in North Wales who knew Jim Perrin, and of his reputation, had warned her of his potential for violence — even telling her that he had viciously attacked a former wife. We now know that it was not gossip, or a slur, but the grim truth and Jac, when she was told of it, was extremely anxious. In the presence of two of her sisters she asked him about the incident and he was obliged, finally and reluctantly — as we were questioning him most earnestly — to admit that ‘to a degree’ the reports were true. But he could explain!  We have been told since Jac died though that there were other women whom Jim Perrin has assaulted. It is cowardly to attack a woman. Once would have been a heinous crime, but there have been several such assaults throughout Jim Perrin’s ‘career’. Both physical injuries and extreme psychological damage have been meted out to those over whom he had control: as we have the letters of victims, any denial of our words would be futile. Continue reading