As recently as 3 March 2014 we were contacted by one who thanked us for our blog, commenting “It is said that for evil to exist, all it takes is for good people to do nothing.”

*     *     *     *     *

With countless crises throughout the world, it could be asked why we choose to continue with our site; it might be thought trivial or unimportant. Why do we persist in writing about Jim Perrin? He is merely one man…

Considering our first blog post was in 2010 maybe, by now, we should leave him in peace. Clearly we are not impartial, but might we be seen as sufferers from perrinoia? When, though, is it appropriate to bring it to an end?

*     *     *     *     *

Knowing that Jim Perrin was an abuser in the past and has continued, in various ways, to abuse (we have evidence for these assertions) has focussed our minds: there are victims of his machination who over the years have found themselves helpless, powerless and without redress.

Is it likely, we wonder, that he will forgo the modus operandi which has always served him so profitably and that he might continue to use his wiles on the vulnerable? Can this Leopard Change his Spots?

We had no inkling that our site would develop along these lines; or that it would resonate with so many who having experienced at first-hand Jim Perrin’s ways would contact us and share their memories. Nevertheless, much of what we have learned is of too sensitive a nature to be included…

*     *     *     *     *

There are those not devious themselves—and unsuspecting—who perhaps have failed to recognise that quality in others. Possibly by showing Jim Perrin in his True Colours, as we have tried to do throughout, we may somehow have helped the readers and been able to encourage them to be cautious in their exchanges with this man.

Our sister’s tragedy was her involvement with one who in our estimation is a seriously flawed individual. Despite being told by a close friend of his violence (see Jim Perrin admitted to violence against a former wife), Jac disregarded the warning as rumour and believed his slippery explanations; her early happiness was real, as we have described elsewhere, although of only short duration before she realised how mistaken she had been and was so hurt by him. (Not taking into account his cynical use of their relationship in writing of it after she died.)

It was for Jac’s sake, so appalled had she been at his later treatment of her and of the (warned of) violence which she confided to us, that we began this blog—we intended to set the record straight. There is still information to be posted, and for the sake of others who, we have since discovered, have suffered at Jim Perrin’s hands, it continues.

We very much hope that should anyone Google “Jim Perrin” in the future they will find this site—with all our disclosures and evidence—alongside the ‘record’ which he has himself been instrumental in creating…