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Jim Perrin: More practice needed to deceive?

We began this post when we noticed changes on Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia page, the 7th., 8th., and 9th. of November last year in which it was stated:  ‘…of Huguenot descent, he was born James Earnest Perrin in Manchester, England. Since 2007 he has lived in the Midi-Pyrénées department of Ariège.’ In the past we have drawn attention to other anomalies on his Wikipedia page, but this post relates to changes which were made from November, last year. (Readers may see them for themselves by googling the Wikipedia page and going to ‘View history’.) There were A). a name change, B). the removal of details of his children, C). a claim of Huguenot descent and D). information that he had not lived in the UK since 2007. (On 08/11/2016 details of eight extra obituaries written by Jim Perrin were given — a phenomenal example of retrospective name-dropping…)

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Guardian Country Diarist Jim Perrin avoids paying maintenance for his children

In our view Jim Perrin, through years-long practice, has become adept at evasion and that it is to this end he changes his residences so frequently.

When we posted Jim Perrin moves on again? 09/10/2014, we knew he had been living in Harlech for about a year, (although moving back and forth to his ‘bolt-hole’ in Ariège), and it is interesting to relate that so unpopular had he become in that town that a rock was thrown through the car windscreen. He said he had to leave Harlech for the sake of his health…

There were at least two further moves — to rental accommodation — before he settled, for the time being, in the village of Drefach Felindre in Carmarthenshire. Still he succeeds in evading the clutches of the Child Maintenance Service — (formerly the CSA), by the simple expedient, we may assume, of ignoring them. As they do now have his current address he is already making plans to leave and we think, that based on his previous propensity for avoiding them, this will not be unconnected. Continue reading

In defence of childhood

We almost missed an excellent initiative by a group of writers, back in January of this year, in petitioning Oxford University Press to reverse their exclusion from the Oxford Junior Dictionary of many examples of the vocabulary and vernacular of British nature — including, incredibly, ‘acorn’, ‘bluebell’, ‘conker’ — in some misguided attempt at ‘modernisation’. We ask you!!! Continue reading