Guardian Country Diarist Jim Perrin avoids paying maintenance for his children

In our view Jim Perrin, through years-long practice, has become adept at evasion and that it is to this end he changes his residences so frequently.

When we posted Jim Perrin moves on again? 09/10/2014, we knew he had been living in Harlech for about a year, (although moving back and forth to his ‘bolt-hole’ in Ariège), and it is interesting to relate that so unpopular had he become in that town that a rock was thrown through the car windscreen. He said he had to leave Harlech for the sake of his health…

There were at least two further moves — to rental accommodation — before he settled, for the time being, in the village of Drefach Felindre in Carmarthenshire. Still he succeeds in evading the clutches of the Child Maintenance Service — (formerly the CSA), by the simple expedient, we may assume, of ignoring them. As they do now have his current address he is already making plans to leave and we think, that based on his previous propensity for avoiding them, this will not be unconnected.

Doubtless the author will say that he finds the atmosphere, the surroundings, unconducive to his work; an excuse he has used as far back as when he lived with our sister, ‘Jacquetta’, ref. Jac believed what Jim Perrin told her, parts 1) and 2), as well as when he lived at Harlech. Surely it can be no coincidence that this house in Drefach Felindre has also very recently been advertised for sale?

Jim Perrin may well find amusing, as we know he has confided to friends, the inability of the CSA (as it was: the Child Support Agency) to pin him down, and certainly he seems able to run rings around them and outwit them at every turn. But then, of course, he has had many  years of experience (decades in fact) playing this game and aims always to be ahead of the chase: in this he has been so successful that he may well, with some justification, brag of his prowess.

Why, we, wonder, will he not accept the legal and moral financial responsibilities that his fatherhood entails? Rather, his main focus apparently is to avoid paying so much as a sixpence to his under-age children. (Let alone the many thousands of pounds which we are only too aware he owes to the women with whom he has had ‘profitable’ property relationships in the past… )

Jim Perrin continues to write and is by no means destitute; one of his regular pieces, at least monthly, sometimes more, is an entry as a Guardian Country Diarist where it seems he has had successive diary editors in the palm of his hand — and it is his calculated decision to attempt, as he has always, to slip under the radar of the Child Maintenance Service. He has shown no remorse — no indication of any intention to meet his parental obligations; and we believe that his ‘decision’ can only be seen as deceitful, dishonest, dishonourable and utterly reprehensible, and is one which we know continues to blight several lives… It is our opinion though that he feels none of these things: that he is, as we have said in previous posts, ‘a hollow man’ — and one who in the course of his relationships has shown a marked degree of sociopathic behaviour: he has been proved again and again to have no shred of conscience.

Jac’s sisters.