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Does Jim Perrin, ‘Guardian’ Country Diarist, really have Terminal Lung Cancer?

As of today (June 4th, 2021) Jim Perrin has not died of his ‘Terminal Lung Cancer’ — the diagnosis he claimed to have been given in 2007 by the medical profession — and for which, he was at pains to explain, he had specifically elected to receive no treatment of any kind, neither surgical nor palliative; no hospitalisation or the intervention of doctors. He made a great point of this. It seems that it needed to be said. Otherwise how could he have justified his decision to refuse the cancer treatment — which would almost certainly have been the course of action for one who was genuinely diagnosed — without giving the lie to his elaborate subterfuge. His ‘explanation’ was cleverly contrived to pre-empt all suspicion.

In West, published in July 2010, he wrote in detail and at length about his ‘illness’, and in an article in the Times, 13/07/2010, he added: ‘Post-script: My cancer, not worth mentioning in my view [yet here, clearly, he is doing just that], carries a one chance in ten of survival beyond five years. In November I’ll be three years in.’ So stoic; so very brave…

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Jim Perrin: More practice needed to deceive?

We began this post when we noticed changes on Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia page, the 7th., 8th., and 9th. of November last year in which it was stated:  ‘…of Huguenot descent, he was born James Earnest Perrin in Manchester, England. Since 2007 he has lived in the Midi-Pyrénées department of Ariège.’ In the past we have drawn attention to other anomalies on his Wikipedia page, but this post relates to changes which were made from November, last year. (Readers may see them for themselves by googling the Wikipedia page and going to ‘View history’.) There were A). a name change, B). the removal of details of his children, C). a claim of Huguenot descent and D). information that he had not lived in the UK since 2007. (On 08/11/2016 details of eight extra obituaries written by Jim Perrin were given — a phenomenal example of retrospective name-dropping…)

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Jim Perrin sends his blessings

In his latest Country Diary, see The Guardian, 31/12/2016, Jim Perrin ended with a personal message of ‘my blessings’ to Brendon Cox, bereaved husband of Jo — the young politician most viciously murdered — and to their children. But: really is the Country Diary an appropriate stage for Jim Perrin to be giving out ‘[his] blessings’? And was he taking too much upon himself to have written in that way and in a ‘diary’ which by definition is devoted to ‘countryside’ matters?

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