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Jim Perrin jilted his lover

We have recently learned of another instance of the heartless treatment by Jim Perrin of the many women who have become enamoured of him over the years, and whom he has cajoled and cozened into sharing their lives and their assets. Financial gain and the acquisition of property were his main considerations, as one after the other the poor duped women would discover. We have been told by some of them how much they had lost, and how their lives have been ruined by their association with him.

Sadly, our sister Jac was also deceived by him and we have posted evidence of his mental cruelty towards her and of his violent assault on one of her sons. This assault was reported to the police and was logged. (As we explained in a previous post our nephew declined any further action, although advised he had just cause, because although our sister was entirely supportive of him she was already in the later stages of her cancer and he had no wish to add further complications to the family dynamic or give her any additional anxiety.) Continue reading

Jac believed what Jim Perrin told her… she was not aware of the truth — Part 2

Considering all we have discovered about Jim Perrin’s past relationships, it is interesting to note, after our sister died of cancer within nine months of her diagnosis, how quickly he was able to gain the support and loving sympathy of at least six other partners — up to the present — two within the year of Jac’s death. He claimed that he was himself now dying of the disease: they could hardly have missed this tragic coincidence…  His account of the illness, ref. Jim Perrin diagnosed with Terminal Lung Cancer? and his patient suffering and acceptance as he dealt so bravely with his failing health!  —  together with his ‘history’ of past distress, the ‘lack of any real love or understanding’ — was to make him the irresistible subject for the ministrations of the sensitive women he seems opportunistically to have targeted (they were never without property and/or means) and with whom, in succession, he began A New Life. Continue reading


We have discussed, for the most part, Jim Perrin’s book West — the book, his publisher later told us, ‘he should never have written’…  But he, no doubt testing the water, first wrote his lies about our sister in The Climbing Essays, before transposing the entire first chapter, with added embellishments, into West. We say ’embellishments’ — they are lies, and lies of a profoundly vile nature. Unfortunately we were unaware of that earlier book’s existence; it was only when we discovered West and did further research that we read The Climbing Essays. Had we known we would have taken action earlier; if a solicitor’s letter had been sent to the publisher of the first book Jim Perrin’s worst excesses in his second (at least as far as our sister was concerned) might have been curtailed. He was however clearly quite taken with his notion of ‘his triad of tragedy’ — going so far as to invent ‘Terminal Lung Cancer’ for his third element, in West.

In the introduction to The Climbing Essays these words were used:

‘And what has distinguished him perhaps above all is his immense lack of ego. “I am not hubristic.” Jim writes, and if anyone else wrote this we would not believe them, for to deny one’s egotism is usually to demonstrate one’s egotism. But with Jim it is true’…

In similar vein the following description of Jim Perrin was posted after the ‘Tremfest’ 2014 event: ‘Jim’s style is very charming and intimate. He’s a relaxed, humble man.’

Sadly these comments are so very wide of the mark — although they do help to illustrate why so many people who, at first taken in by his charm, have been so completely hoodwinked by Jim Perrin’s undoubted guile: there are those who have discovered all too soon that his ‘charm’ is illusory…

Jac’s sisters.