Jim Perrin jilted his lover

We have recently learned of another instance of the heartless treatment by Jim Perrin of the many women who have become enamoured of him over the years, and whom he has cajoled and cozened into sharing their lives and their assets. Financial gain and the acquisition of property were his main considerations, as one after the other the poor duped women would discover. We have been told by some of them how much they had lost, and how their lives have been ruined by their association with him.

Sadly, our sister Jac was also deceived by him and we have posted evidence of his mental cruelty towards her and of his violent assault on one of her sons.

 *      *      *      *      *

Jim Perrin’s undoubted ability to charm those susceptible to his flattery, both physical and intellectual, and his capacity endlessly to lie have ensured him over the decades a continual stream of vulnerable women who each in turn placed their trust in him. Through the timelines researched and recorded on our site we have given details of women he mistreated: and in ways which can only be described as unconscionable.

At one stage, while apparently living with his wife he was secretly staying with another partner, and during this time two babies were born within months of each other to two different mothers. He did this twice, to our knowledge, and none of the four women had the least idea at the time they were being hood-winked in this way. We were told:  ‘He seemed to go away a lot.’ and he explained he was attending courses, lectures, readings etc. to excuse his absences.

His talent for compartmentalising his affairs is extraordinary and he has never allowed natural love or sympathy to intrude upon his intention to use — and many times to abuse — the women with whom he has had consecutive relationships. He has certainly had great success, if such it could be named, in his activities, until — in each case — the façade was insufficient to conceal the reality of his character. This in itself, although devastating for the women, was never a difficulty for Jim Perrin as invariably he had gained his objective (for one he relieved his ‘love’ of many tens of thousands of pounds) and, equally invariably, he had — unbeknown to any current partner — his next target in his sights. On occasion, when his life became over-complicated, he was known to take refuge with friends ‘Hiding from the police, and from angry women.’, but generally his plans succeeded.

He was adept at choosing bright and intelligent, although impressionable and insecure young women — girls really — at that stage of his career. There were some who saw through him and rejected his blandishments: his memory for a slight is phenomenal and he becomes nasty. He has vengefully written about some of them, in books and on his Facebook pages, in positively salacious and libellous terms…

In his most recent history, after the breakdown of yet another relationship, he was asked by a friend, concerned for his future, what he intended to do. Jim Perrin’s response was: ‘My life plan now is to get involved with — —’s younger sister.’ And he did. She is of a wealthy family and his material security seems assured.

*      *      *      *      *

This was many years after his first ‘romantic’ forays. Of these, the one we mentioned at the beginning of our post was surely the saddest. The young woman was, we think, one of the earliest of Jim Perrin’s victims, 1971 — 72, and they had been close for several months when she was persuaded by him to part with her small and affordable flat, and to take on a larger place towards which he would contribute funds. (This was a ploy, we have proof, which he has used more than once.)

They were to be married and a date was set for the ceremony. At the appointed time the bride-to-be attended the registry office for what she believed to be her wedding day: the groom though did not appear. She waited anxiously, with what consternation may be imagined. Perhaps there was a reason for his delay — some explanation. None was forthcoming: he never arrived. She was distraught (particularly as she thought she might be pregnant with his child) and after some time, and realising he had chosen not to join her there, she left. Jim Perrin had jilted her.

*      *      *      *      *

Might it have been that she was spared from worse to come? It was not much later that Jim Perrin, having again moved on, did marry — another young woman — in 1973. The marriage was short and ended very badly indeed as he abused her terribly and subjected her to exceptional physical cruelty. Possibly the first young woman had a most lucky escape, albeit traumatised for some time afterwards. Perhaps it was a blessing after all that Jim Perrin had jilted her…

Jac’s sisters.