No laughing matter

It may seem from some of our posts that we are having a little fun at Jim Perrin’s expense. It is true: sometimes we cannot resist teasing, as by his actions and pronouncements — whether under his own name or, as we believe, using one of his several aliases — he so frequently engenders this response.

However, our underlying concern is anything but humour. The fact is that we are not able to write of all his darker deeds (details of which have been shared with us by those he has harmed) without bringing embarrassment or humiliation upon his victims; or worse, that he should find some means of retaliation if he guessed their identity: such is the nature and design of his behaviour.

Thus we feel we must use to the fullest extent the limited range of verbal weaponry at our disposal to undermine what is patently the false image of himself which this author has presented over the years. We do this in the hope that those who read the posts on our site may become aware, and avoid involvement with one who has proved to be so devious and deceitful.

This is our absolute belief, based on incontrovertible evidence: a relationship with Jim Perrin, whether personal or professional — charming and particularly ingratiating as we know he can be when he chooses, to gain his objective — is more than likely (given his dreadful and well-documented track record, and the statements from so many who have contacted us) to end at the least unhappily and at worst very badly indeed, should things not go according to his plans or desires. Of course his response when questioned about our posts is to explain that ‘everything [we] write is based on malicious nonsense; [we] lie’.

However, although having said all this, it must be acknowledged that there are those (whom he finds it imperative to ‘keep on side’ by continuing to charm with cajolery and intellectual flattery) who can have — we quite understand — no idea of the darker elements of his nature; they, possibly blinkered and believing him implicitly, can see no wrong in him — finding him the most agreeable of men…

Jac’s sisters.