Jim Perrin is on Facebook, part 3

Jim Perrin says on Facebook: ‘I don’t take the Guardian’. That may be, but he reads it, and regularly, and has done so for decades although perhaps it is not ‘delivered’. He was lying directly or Being Economical With the Truth…  Certainly, in the time that our sister was involved with him he read it daily. The greater part of his Facebook entries are based on articles published there, and in many cases he lifts entire portions of text to elaborate upon; pontificating to his heart’s content. Very often his messages which are Guardian-based are written with much political opinion and hyperbole yet ironically he is unable to vote, despite his endless and vociferous dialogues with his Facebook ‘friends’, because he chooses not to register with the electoral roll (to avoid the CMS). However, he wrote:

The only two political parties to which I’ve ever belonged are the Communist Party of Great Britain and Plaid Cymru. The latter will get my vote next time.’  Except, it is known, he could not have voted…

When he Gets a Bee in His Bonnet, he can rant for days. He nourishes an obsessive hatred for the former prime minister and libelled her with singular spite, and it is clear from his thoroughly nasty comments about Theresa May and her husband that Jim Perrin has exceeded the bounds of decency; indeed, of rational thought — amounting, it might almost be suggested, to the pathological. Here are particular examples (and lest there be any doubt please accept our assurance, they are quoted verbatim):

31/01/2018:  ‘She [Theresa May] speaks for everything to which my heart and instincts are radically opposed: greed, hypocrisy, status, materialism, brutality. The total absence of compassion.’

We find this statement extraordinarily revealing as it seems, with all the evidence we have accumulated, that Jim Perrin is listing here, albeit unconsciously, and as he shows throughout his posts, the many character failings of which he is himself manifestly possessed.

31/08/2018:  ‘The abject hypocrisy! Broadmoor’s where this politician belongs! The apotheosis of criminal insanity.’

7/10/2018:  (This follows a photograph he posted of Theresa May as a young girl sitting between her parents on a sofa, and taken from a most questionable ‘conspiracy’ site.) ‘Troubling, this photograph. The dead-eyed expression of the child (it’s still there in the adult); the surly watchfulness on the father’s face; the inappropriate position of that groping hand in his daughter’s lap. [And then, after this vile accusation, he launches into his favoured ‘psychology’.]  ‘Childhood sexual abuse — its patterns and legacies. The way it’s passed on. The manner in which some few survivors mirror the abusive power in order to claim it for themselves, in order no longer to be victims and bound into ”our little secret”.  Thatcher? May? Abuse of the powerless in a nation over which they yield power? Alderman Roberts in his corner shop, into which young girls were advised never to enter alone. Hubert Brazier and the improprieties that cluster around his career. May’s lost files? The furtiveness, the secrecy. Paedophiles in high office? How strange and sad that this matter hovers over our two female prime ministers… [and then he covers himself — it would never do to be sued] …just musing. A picture’s worth a thousand words…’  (In fact he thought better of this salacious post, and within a very few days deleted it altogether; but not before it had spawned a litany of similarly nasty and misguided comments from some of his impressionable followers.)

9/11/2018:  (…of the Tories.) ‘I’d like to see all of them, and the slippery and self-serving and corrupt Theresa May, stripped of their assets onshore and offshore and banged up for a very long time on a charge of high treason.’ 

17/11/2018:  (Re. a series of comments by others about Brexit.) ‘She’s entirely delusional. And, and, very corrupt.’  ‘I’d rather Putin than Mad May—he strikes me as more coherent and competent, and less corrupt.’  We cannot help but think that here Jim Perrin shows signs of teetering on the edge: for this Englishman to prefer Putin… and to state it… how traitorous.

27/11/2018:  ‘The megalomaniac Brazier, and more deluded every day.’

7/12/2018:  ‘Now there’s a surprise! Don’t they know, after all this time, that ‘the Sleazer’ [as he calls Theresa May in several other similar comments] doesn’t do honesty? Self-interest, posturing, duplicity, deceit—all fine, but honesty’s out of the window where she’s concerned.’  ‘Ill temper, autocracy, untrustworthiness—all writ large here. Why would anyone trust this lying and power-crazed politician?’  [And later] ‘She might have a use though, as a violent emetic.’

10/12/2018:  (Re. Brexit.)  ‘The day the Sleazer shat her pants! She’s an even bigger coward than Cameron, who simply walked away having set this monster in motion.’  ‘— too many Tories with offshore interests — (she and her husband among them) to let go easily. [….of power.]’

22/12/2018:  (The same unflattering photograph of Theresa May’s face which he had posted more than once before.)  ‘Time for another look at this, so that people can see what an odious bully our current PM really is. The face of despotism!’

24/02/2019:  (A photograph of Mr and Mrs May.) ‘Grotesque, what these two crooks have got away with. They should be behind bars for a very long time.’  ‘What a mess this appallingly corrupt and mendacious politician is responsible for! She should not stand on the ceremony of her going, but go now. The knives are already being sharpened that are intended for her back…’

    *      *      *      *     *

Theresa May resigned (nothing to do with Jim Perrin…) and worse — in his eyes — she has been replaced by Boris Johnson! Now that the Tories who Jim Perrin so despises have achieved a majority he has been absolutely beside himself and makes every opportunity to express his rage! One can see from his hysterical outpourings that whatever the political convictions of others among his Facebook friends this deranged and most singularly unpleasant man is habitually blinded by sheer hatred and we believe it is evident to all who read them that these postings reveal a warped and disturbed mind. Actually, he could well be thought ‘a sandwich short of a picnic’, except that his behaviour seems to be of such a malicious and frenzied nature that colloquial phrases such as this are far too mild. We believe he is actually very twisted indeed…

Jac’s sisters.

P.S.   We have not mentioned in these posts the several snide remarks which Jim Perrin has written on his Facebook pages about the Guardian — the paper which must have paid him a small fortune over the years — or those in which he specifically names the editor in chief, Katharine Viner, in a most insulting and salacious manner. These will be detailed in a post in the near future…