Jim Perrin moves on again?

How quickly word seems to get out!  We received a message only today, 08/10/2014, to tell us that Jim Perrin is moving and that, as an excuse, his story is that ‘he is so ill he has got to leave Snowdonia in the next few weeks. He says the climate is very bad for him.’ (And, they continued, ‘He must think we are all idiots.’)

It appears therefore that the information we recently posted about his address in Harlech, Gwynedd, is now out of date, as we have been told that the house has already been sold. (Except: revision.) We have just, 09/10/2014, double-checked with the estate agent and they confirmed that a cash offer had been accepted with a completion date of 07/11/2014. However the buyers withdrew their offer, and the house is now back on the market. It would seem that, after all, Jim Perrin may not be able to move on quite as quickly as (for the state of his ‘health’) clearly he needed to do: unless, that is, he asks of any most nearly concerned — as he did of our own family in what we believe may be similar circumstances — ‘the funds to move on with, it is only fair.’..  See Overheard at the funeral by Melangell (JP?)

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In an earlier post, see To review, or not to review, we have written: ‘It should not be forgotten that Jim Perrin is a “Wanted Man” — wanted by the Child Support Agency — and probably (trying to keep one move ahead) uneasily is ever looking over his shoulder. This, in our opinion, will be (and all his previous removals have been subject to similar considerations) the reason for his precipitous move from a ‘discovered’ address to a place where he hopes he will not so readily be traced, and is certain to be one of the most pressing influences in his decision to leave the Men of Harlech behind…

In other words, we believe, irrespective of his ‘health’ were he to remain, that his main intention (most likely, given his ‘history’, the only one) is to avoid the consequences of the Child Support Agency running him to ground.

Jac’s sisters.

PS. We have noticed that apart from referring to poor health Jim Perrin is no longer pretending to be dying from the ‘Terminal Lung Cancer’ with which he (obviously lying) claimed to have been diagnosed — his ‘fate’, as he so convincingly told all those who, at that time, trusted him and believed in him… Please see: More details concerning Jim Perrin’s cancer.