Jim Perrin makes his escape to the hills

Over the years Jim Perrin has fathered at least seven children, each with a different mother, and given the information available to us it is reasonable to assume that the legal and financial responsibilities thus incurred were burdensome — indeed, we are aware, many have not been complied with at all…

To add to his difficulties, in 2003 the mother of one of his children had learned of his latest address — and had informed the Child Support Agency who would have been interested on her behalf. He had lived there only a few months but now was evidently feeling urgent pressure to slip away, as he had done from other addresses, before they caught up with him. In a letter from that house in Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, written before the indefensible ‘get rid’ letter of August 18th A cuckoo in the nest?  he had tried to elicit Jac’s sympathy by deceitfully telling her that he ‘wished to leave as [—] knows the address.’ (He had hidden everything from our sister and was simply conning her.) She was the mother of his latest child — still a baby; obviously he had not voluntarily given her the details of his latest property and wished to avoid her — to give her the slip — and any future involvement with the CSA.

Jim Perrin had only recently thought fit to ‘confide’ in Jac (even though they were already some months into their relationship) when he told her that he had a wife, whom he had not long since divorced because of her violence towards him; and he feared she would seek him out and cause trouble, which is why he wanted to move… (This we now know was a wicked lie, and a complete reversal of the actual situation and which he invented to give him an apparent reason for leaving his house in Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant; one which our sister would find acceptable, and have no suspicion of any other motive.) So when, as the next stage in his plan, he wrote of this most glibly to our sister (after she had returned to her own home, see Jac’s accident) she knew to whom he  referred and thought she understood his motivation to move so quickly.

But she had not the slightest idea that there was a baby involved* and she learned of it only after he had moved into her house. She lent one of the author’s books to her ‘Welsh’ sister who noticed that although he had written an effusive inscription to Jac it was evident that a previous page had been torn away. Researching the ISBN we (Jac’s sisters) discovered that the book was originally not only dedicated to this ex-wife, but referred to the birth of their child… His resulting and urgent explanation to Jac when he was confronted with these details was as plausible as the one he had initially given her concerning his ex-wife, and he was so convincing that again she entirely believed him.

*        *        *        *        *

Jim Perrin had no intention of telling the world of his latest residence. Indeed Jac, at his instigation when later he moved to her home, asked her ‘Welsh’ sister if he could use her address for his correspondence — as a form of poste restante. She refused, although feeling awkward as it was her sister who asked it of her, but she pointed out to Jac that it was rather questionable to say the least; unsavoury almost, and that he must have much to hide. In this case it was dishonesty really as he was not travelling, nor abroad, and there were only ten miles or so between their houses. (None of us knew until Jac died how truly ‘dishonest’ it was — in that he was deceiving the CSA — and Jac never did find out those facts.) She then explained: it was merely that he had ‘no wish for his many fans to discover his whereabouts’ as he — and she, he said — would then ‘be inundated’ and ‘that it would not be conducive to his creative work’. That is what he told her — oh, Jac…

It would seem Jim Perrin spends much of his time trying to keep one step ahead of those who seek him, ‘fans’ or otherwise. Certainly, having no money — if all those whom he owed were paid — (and the records showed that even the proceeds from the sale of his house would have gone nowhere near balancing the books) nothing could have suited his purpose better in order to preserve his anonymity — his elusiveness — than that he should finalise his plans to sell his house in Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant and move to the ‘safe house’ of our sister’s secluded home in remote moorland; (safer ground indeed!) and to set about to make it his own: it was all part of his devious design, to blacken the name of his latest ex-wife, in order to achieve it. There was of course no mention at all to Jac of the CSA!

Jac’s sisters.

*  Actually, Jim Perrin had two small babies (with two distraught young women) as well as other underage children. With no indication of remorse, and only when his hand was forced — was he obliged to admit to the first, previously unrevealed child: Jac never did find out about the second baby. Sadly she had died of her cancer, and it was some five years later that her sisters were told of the circumstances…