Analysis of anonymous letter

We sent the anonymous letter for analysis to a highly qualified and experienced professional, whose CV includes work for local councils, the Police, solicitors and the Courts to name just some of their clients and we now add their report to our site.

Whilst as a courtesy we are protecting their anonymity at this stage, they are willing if called upon to act on our behalf.

The analysis reads as follows:
[The examiner’s name.]
Certified Document Examiner and Consultant Graphologist.

10th. August 2010.

Dear [Jac’s sister],

Re.   Questioned Handwriting.

“Thank you for your letter, and for providing me with the questioned handwriting date stamped 8th. July 2005, document: reference Q-1.  You have also provided me with the following known samples of handwriting: K-1 Handwritten A5 envelope date-stamped 21st January 2005, K-2 ‘TRAVELS WITH THE FLEA’ notepaper.  (Also included were two other similar pieces of notepaper K-3 and K-4, all annotated).

Using scientific methods and procedures presently accepted in the handwriting and document examination profession, I have examined the questioned handwriting Q-1 and have compared this with the four known pieces of handwriting.

The questioned handwriting bears significant similarities when compared to the known handwriting.  My observations find there are similarities in all handwriting features, e.g. the slant is the same, the wide line, letter and word spacing is the same, the simplified slightly neglected style of writing is the same, the size and height proportions are the same, the letter disconnections are the same, the pressure pattern is the same, the fine/thin writing stroke is the same, the alignment (baseline regularity) is the same and general letter construction is the same.  All letters of the alphabet (where appropriate) are the same.  There has been no attempt at disguise.

It is my opinion that the questioned ‘Dear Mr …’  handwriting, document Q-1, was authored by the writer of the four known samples of handwriting, K-1 through to K-4.

Therefore as stated above, the same person is the author of all documents, the questioned ‘Dear Mr …’  letter and the known samples of handwriting.

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,
Certified Document Examiner.

We are pleased to share with our readers this incontrovertible evidence that Jim Perrin was indeed the person who sent the letter anonymously to our late sister’s landlord, and there can be no doubt that he is a malevolent and deceitful man. That he could have composed and posted it — and by our good chance handwritten! — within so few weeks after our sister’s death shows how prepared Jim Perrin is to go to such despicable lengths in order to achieve his objective. But, as we described earlier, in this case he did not succeed.

He did however, for all his ‘cleverness’, give us the proof beyond any doubt of his nasty, contriving mind.

Jac’s sisters.