An introduction to our open letter

This following entry on our site is in the form of an open letter because we have become aware that ‘West:’ is being considered for ‘the Wales Book of the Year’; an honour awarded by the Welsh Academi.

Of the many books written by Jim Perrin this, as we have shown throughout our site, is certainly one which contains provable lies about a real, but sadly now powerless person; our sister.

We believe the book is noteworthy because of the author’s attempt to ‘use’ her, after her death — when he well knew that the relationship was breaking down while she was alive. He has also written appalling untruths about two of her former partners who are the fathers of her children.

We started our site only to put the record straight — never dreaming, that despite the sophistry and lies which we have indisputably proved to be in this book, it could in the literary stratosphere be considered so worthy of merit, let alone prize-worthy.

Our open letter is to be, as it were, a précis of all that we have written so far and therefore will repeat the essential elements.

We have at least the benefit of knowing, that whatever the outcome, re. ‘Wales Book of the Year’, the real facts — via our posts — have also been presented to the public, and that these will remain on record indefinitely.  Given all the circumstances we feel it is ‘fair comment’ that they should do so.

Jac’s sisters.