An anonymous letter written by Jim Perrin

It was not long after our sister’s death.  She had died while still young and her children had to adjust to their lives without her constant and loving guidance.  Of course our family and all those who could help gave their full support, and it was during this period of deep mourning that one of Jac’s sons telephoned his ‘Welsh’ aunt.

Her nephew had just opened a letter, sent by their landlord, which he read to her over the ‘phone. In this letter details were given of a ‘letter of complaint’ which they had received and they ended by saying that ‘As explained, no action is to be taken — there has not been a complaint for fifteen years, so I doubt there will be more!’  (Do note the landlord’s emphasis…)

This troubling letter concerned Jac’s children: sent anonymously in July of that year, less than eight weeks after her death, the clear intention of the writer was to do them harm.  Containing vehemently expressed distortions of the truth as well as actual lies it was a work of the most distilled malice.

A person who writes such a letter, wearing ,as it were, the cloak of anonymity is surely lacking in all honesty or integrity and it is generally believed that only a cowardly person would do so.  If the cloak were to be removed they would be shown in their ‘true colours’.

As Jac’s children were the target and as her ‘Welsh’ sister had agreed with her in recent conversations, and indeed had promised her within those last few hours before she died that she would always defend them, she obviously felt the need to fulfil this promise to her: but how does one deal with a poison-pen letter?

Our ‘Welsh’ sister had been oblivious until only recently of the opportunities afforded by the internet, as she was a complete technophobe — but it had been suggested that the sisters should now use it. With the help and guidance of a ‘well-wisher’ we set up this site in order to counter Jim Perrin’s all too obvious machinations — and so we are now able to bring to the notice of many who think Jim Perrin can do no wrong, details and actual evidence which surely proves their Idol Has Feet of Clay.  We think the following information is well worth making public…

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Jac’s landlord (it was still too early to have re-drawn the tenancy agreement) was kind enough to enclose with his own letter a date-stamped photocopy of the anonymous letter, 08/07/2005, which he had received. It was handwritten and of course, on seeing it for ourselves, there was no doubt whatever that the ‘author’ was the author, Jim Perrin!  The following is a portion of that loathsome letter:


As anyone who knows Jim Perrin’s hand-writing can clearly see for themselves this is proof-positive that it was he who conceived and executed this vile anonymous letter: and written too in order to cause the eviction of Jac’s children from their home — the children of the person for whom he had declared such love… Not relying on our opinion alone — we accept we could be thought biased, we sent the letter to a professional hand-writing expert; first, here is the letter…

Transcript of the Anonymous Letter from Jim Perrin
received by the Landlord and date stamped 08/07/2005:

Dear Mr …

You should know what is going on at … … with those … brothers and sister.  There are parties several times a week, very loud music outdoors thudding through the valley many cars on our narrow roads — sometimes fifty parked on the track — drugs being circulated to local young people.  Our community is very disturbed by all this.  When Jacquetta and her partner the Doctor were there it was fine — now it is chaos, and we cannot complain officially because of reprisals that have been threatened.  I must remain anonymous for that reason, but suggest that to establish the truth you go along this week-end — the 9th/10th — when a “rave” is being planned and you will see for yourself why we are so very anxious at its presence in our community.

We the residents of Cwm …, hope you will take proper action to bring this under control.’

(Jim Perrin may as well have signed it!) — and we cannot help but wonder if the writer of one such letter might have written others? We know he wrote libellous letters in the past: one to Sir Chris Bonington and one to the judges on the Boardman Tasker Award committee were two that we have been told about. Those he signed. Details may be read in the sequence of six posts: ‘Jim Curran v Jim Perrin’.

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And the professional analysis of this shameful letter may be read on this link:

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