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Part three of ‘Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia page’

R J Ellory has said that he ‘felt confused about [Wikipedia’s] policy’ and he pointed out that in his entry ‘the representation of his life to the wider world was not biased, inappropriate, incorrect or false.’

Neither, it follows, was the information that the author, Jim Perrin, had five other children. There could have been no privacy issue, nor was it ‘inappropriate’, as he himself had already recorded just one of his children: one  of his sons, who as it happened was also a talented climber…  or had sanctioned that entry. Posted on 24/1/2011 it remained for nearly two years; there is little likelihood that Jim Perrin would have been unaware, as he is frequently tinkering with his Wikipedia page, yet all details of this eldest son along with the mention, which later had been added, of the rest of his children (and it may be presumed not posted by himself) were speedily deleted by him on 15/11/2012. Possibly he felt that the extra information about those other children (that is, each by a different mother) might reflect unfavourably on his character — on his carefully constructed image — and his way around the ‘difficulty’ was to remove completely that part of the entry which dealt with all his children; to remove them from the record. If one reads Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia page and visits ‘view history’ all the many changes can be seen. Continue reading


‘Snowdon’ author Jim Perrin is a disconcerted man

It has been said (by someone who is a friend Jim Perrin and knows him well) that we are with our posts ‘getting under his skin’ — and that ‘he is a disconcerted man’.

Asked whether we should not be concerned that by writing them we might be drawing more attention to his earlier book West, we have thought of it and given it careful consideration: however, we realise that anyone who reads the book we so deplore, and the first chapter in The Climbing Essays (the first book in which he wrote his lies about ‘Jacquetta’) is likely to become aware of jacssisters.org. We have been told this by many who have actually found our site after reading his books…

Therefore more people will be able to read for themselves the story of our sister’s short relationship with Jim Perrin — the man she grew to fear, and of the extra issues that with the help of others have come to light and which we have raised since our first postings. Those who might research him, and who discover jacssisters — both now or in the future — will learn far more about him than ever he would wish or could imagine. Continue reading


Jim Perrin plans his next move

When Jim Perrin wrote to our sister shortly after May 1st 2003, it was to express his view that their relationship should be placed on a more public footing: we have acknowledged elsewhere in our posts that our sister became very much in love with him, and she was certainly  besotted with him for a while and could not see clearly.

Others in North Wales who knew Jim Perrin, and of his reputation, had warned her of his potential for violence — even telling her that he had viciously attacked a former wife. We now know that it was not gossip, or a slur, but the grim truth and Jac, when she was told of it, was extremely anxious. In the presence of two of her sisters she asked him about the incident and he was obliged, finally and reluctantly — as we were questioning him most earnestly — to admit that ‘to a degree’ the reports were true. But he could explain!  We have been told since Jac died though that there were other women whom Jim Perrin has assaulted. It is cowardly to attack a woman. Once would have been a heinous crime, but there have been several such assaults throughout Jim Perrin’s ‘career’. Both physical injuries and extreme psychological damage have been meted out to those over whom he had control: as we have the letters of victims, any denial of our words would be futile. Continue reading