‘Snowdon’ author Jim Perrin is a disconcerted man

It has been said (by someone who is a friend Jim Perrin and knows him well) that we are with our posts ‘getting under his skin’ — and that ‘he is a disconcerted man’.

Asked whether we should not be concerned that by writing them we might be drawing more attention to his earlier book West, we have thought of it and given it careful consideration: however, we realise that anyone who reads the book we so deplore, and the first chapter in The Climbing Essays (the first book in which he wrote his lies about ‘Jacquetta’) is likely to become aware of jacssisters.org. We have been told this by many who have actually found our site after reading his books…

Therefore more people will be able to read for themselves the story of our sister’s short relationship with Jim Perrin — the man she grew to fear, and of the extra issues that with the help of others have come to light and which we have raised since our first postings. Those who might research him, and who discover jacssisters — both now or in the future — will learn far more about him than ever he would wish or could imagine.

This can only be A Good Thing; for Jac’s sake and, as well, for all the other women (and not just women) who have suffered abuse in their turn by Jim Perrin: emotionally and psychologically, professionally, financially and — physically.

*       *       *       *       *

Having become ‘disconcerted’ by our revelations, Jim Perrin has attempted to curb us and to combat the potentially damaging effects of our posts. As Melangell he caused our comments to be ‘moderated’ from The Guardian thread in 2010, although all of his remain. He writes for this paper as a ‘Country Diarist’ and still, amazingly, on the comments thread referred to as ‘Melangell’.*  We feel it probable he is being protected by someone within the group… ref. Is Jim Perrin ‘Melangell’?

As ‘Liz’ (JP?), he challenged us on the Amazon site in 2011, ref. ‘We are Not Convinced’ although subsequently when we informed them of the deception all of his comments about Jac’s sisters were removed. Later he managed to have our reviews of his book on that thread deleted (except that we had posted them on our site already… ) —  apparently he is now hinting that we should be banished from the WordPress site. We originally wrote that we were sure it was Jim Perrin for ‘Who else but HE would care, or would be sufficiently interested, or would have the motive?’. It is to be hoped should WordPress be approached they would agree so far as our site is concerned that: ‘Truth is an absolute defence.’ — certainly this is what we are told by the lawyer who is our legal representative.

*       *       *       *       *

Possibly Jim Perrin would much prefer that all we have been disclosing about his conduct had remained locked away in his various ‘compartments’ — something which he has patently, and successfully, usually managed to do but we firmly believe it is time these details were made public, and that through the knowledge of them his behaviour — his modus operandi — is now available for the scrutiny of his readers in the Wider World: and the details can be vouched for — coming from those whom over two decades he has shamelessly abused.

It may be that there are some, colleagues perhaps or Friends in High Places, who will not recognise the ‘Jim Perrin’ about whom Jac’s sisters have written; he has always known how to keep the aspects of his personality now made public in our posts well-concealed and, we feel certain, that his strategic use of intellectual flattery has gained him many followers.

Despite any quality in his work — and we note he is endlessly proclaimed as ‘pre-eminent’ (we believe sometimes reviewing himself, ref. Llywarch) — he has so manipulated his ‘relationships’ that a great fear has prevented his ‘victims’ (this is not too strong a word) from making known his treatment of them: indeed he has sometimes threatened the ultimate violence to achieve acquiescence — as we have been told by some, having experienced this, who have felt fearful for years.

Thus in our view the public persona which he presents bears little resemblance to the real man — the inner man — and the events we have described in the course of our posts are beyond even Jim Perrin’s ingenuity to spirit away: we have been truthful throughout.

*        *        *        *        *

His latest plaint to those who will listen and who for a time may give him credence, is that it is he who is ‘the victim of malicious gossip which is being spread about’; as we noted in an earlier post, this is risible: and the details which we have recorded regarding his relationship with our sister Jac, and with others — told us by themselves — cannot be wafted away by him or by his apologists as mere peccadillos — rather, it must be clear that they demonstrate appalling betrayals of trust by Jim Perrin.

Jac’s sisters

*  Later, 24/06/2018. It is interesting to note that ‘Melangell’ (JP?) first registered on The Guardian thread on 19/05/2010, a bare two months before the publication of Jim Perrin’s book West, when followed all the nasty things she/he wrote concerning Jac’s sisters. Shortly after, we set up this site and began to evaluate and record here all our suspicions concerning Jim Perrin’s use of aliases. Being persistent we tracked back to his first — ‘Llywarch’, which was in an insulting review on Amazon of a book by Joe Simpson, 05/04/2010. Under this name he reviewed in total sixteen books. But bothered by our accusations, as we can only suppose, he has changed the name on all those reviews to ‘Tim Bartley’ and has reviewed no other book. And to return to ‘Melangell’; she/he commented for the last time on the 12/07/2013. We feel we know the reason for this…