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Deaf ears in the Welsh literary hierarchy?

Is all the information that we have discovered and made public about the author Jim Perrin falling on deaf ears in Wales? Apparently not minded to pay any attention to the details which we have been posting, the editor of the ‘New Welsh Review’ continues to credit him with her personal approval; even allowing to stand, in NWR, a review of West in which the reviewer used these accusatory words — by implication of our family and Jac, the sister we lost to cancer — ‘About the cruel and covetous behaviour of the immediate family of the recently deceased.’ Please see our post Pillaging. This was quite shameful as although the reviewer may not have known the facts, the editor had most certainly been told. Continue reading

Lest we forget

Today, 25/11/2013, is the ‘International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Towards Women.’

Jac’s sisters know as a fact that violence against women is one of the sins committed by the author, Jim Perrin, who has both psychologically and financially abused them; as well, of course, as using actual forceful and extremely bullying tactics — including physical violence.

We would like to express our sympathy, and our hearts go out to those who have found themselves his victims over the years …

Jac’s sisters.

Jim Perrin admitted to violence towards a former wife: (plus extra details of his use of aliases…)

Jim Perrin’s dishonest account of his history with our sister included the breath-taking duplicity of his claim that she had been his ‘lover, wife and friend of forty years.’ As an example of this author’s shameless use of implication, this is a tour de force

His subsequent posturing on the The Guardian, post-publication of his book West, and the removal of several of our comments (we presumed at his instigation) finally led us to realize that the only way forward was to create our own site; one which was as informative as possible — and one in which the truth was told.

It was Jim Perrin, we absolutely believe, yclept ‘Melangell’, who posted on The Guardian thread further lies about Jac as well as offensive comments about her sisters and her family — it was a blatant attempt to discredit us and so obvious. These were in response to our stated disquiet and efforts to check him.  His comments are still there — indeed he regularly offers up an opinion under this alias.  To read them, and perhaps to understand why we have no doubt at all that it is Jim Perrin with whom we are dealing, they can be found on the thread following Sir Andrew Motion’s review of West — those concerning Jac’s sisters date from July, 2010. Continue reading