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A ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) review

(NB: He has recently reinvented himself as ‘Tim Bartley’ and changed ALL his original ‘Llywarch’ reviews to this name… so very slippery! )

There was a review by ‘Llywarch’ on Amazon, 25/03/2013, of a biography of HW Tilman written by JRL Anderson: High Mountains and Cold Seas, and, ‘Llywarch’ remarked, ‘There will surely be more [biographies] and better to come.’ (Do note: ‘better’.)

The book reviewed was published decades ago, in December 1980 although interestingly Jim Perrin’s own book, Shipton and Tilman had been published only eighteen days before ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) posted this review, on 07/03/2013. This was in time for the 60th anniversary of the Everest ascent and it may be assumed the author had equally high hopes of the prestigious Boardman Tasker award*. Was the posting of ‘Llywarch’s (now Tim Bartley’s) review rather more than a coincidence? Continue reading


Stop Press: Jim Perrin writes under his most recent alias…

It has been brought to our attention that Jim Perrin is trying out a new alias (albeit back-dating it to  30/03/13) and has posted on Amazon a reworded replacement, and again 5*, review of his own book ‘Shipton and Tilman’. His earlier review was in the name of ‘Llywarch’, yrhenwr, Portland, Oregon.’ — a pseudonym he has frequently used and which we have written about in several of our posts. His latest version is in the name ‘Tim Bartley, yrhenwr, Portland, Oregon’. It is all becoming really rather ridiculous…

NB. The opening sentence of Tim Bartley’s (JP’s?) review is surely another ‘giveaway’? Actually the review was (originally) the first to be posted on Amazon and obviously there were then no other reviews, or comments, to merit that tone. It seems Jim Perrin has a crystal ball…

Jac’s sisters.


Llywarch’s poisoned pen

In April of this year, on Amazon, we read an intriguing review of Shipton and Tilman. Written by Mr. Bob Comlay, 27/04/2014, it seemed he had first-hand knowledge of one of the subjects of the book, and he was by no means complimentary to the author. Therefore it was hardly a surprise — when one considers his scorpion’s sting — that ‘Llywarch’ countered with an attack in support of his hero, Jim Perrin (we of course believe ‘Llywarch’ is Jim Perrin!): the posting of this poisonous comment was evidently an attempt to devalue and even to invalidate Mr. Comlay’s review. Continue reading