A ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) review

(NB: He has recently reinvented himself as ‘Tim Bartley’ and changed ALL his original ‘Llywarch’ reviews to this name… so very slippery! )

There was a review by ‘Llywarch’ on Amazon, 25/03/2013, of a biography of HW Tilman written by JRL Anderson: High Mountains and Cold Seas, and, ‘Llywarch’ remarked, ‘There will surely be more [biographies] and better to come.’ (Do note: ‘better’.)

The book reviewed was published decades ago, in December 1980 although interestingly Jim Perrin’s own book, Shipton and Tilman had been published only eighteen days before ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) posted this review, on 07/03/2013. This was in time for the 60th anniversary of the Everest ascent and it may be assumed the author had equally high hopes of the prestigious Boardman Tasker award*. Was the posting of ‘Llywarch’s (now Tim Bartley’s) review rather more than a coincidence?

We know that Jim Perrin used Anderson’s biography for reference and quoted from it extensively — obviously he was long-aware of its existence — yet his review was posted (under alias as ‘Llywarch’, and, as we said, now changed to Tim Bartley) thirty-three years after the publication of the book. We feel that Jim Perrin’s review was posted, not in any sincere spirit, but merely with the cynical and opportunistic intent of drawing attention to his own most recent work. (Flattering reviews of which could of course be seen on Amazon — not surprisingly, by ‘Llywarch’ himself, as well as by other probable aliases.)

If, as we believe, this was just one more example of Jim Perrin’s internet chicanery it was nothing more than a ruse; the deceitful planting of a side-ways advertisement for his own, and by implication, far ‘better’ book.

* In this he was to be bitterly disappointed, and his ‘bitterness’ could not have been made more apparent than when he reviewed the winning book Everest, the First Ascent, by Harriet Tuckey, on the 12/11/2013. He awarded it a paltry 1*, and by his deeply distasteful comments his nasty nature was again revealed. You may notice that the name used for this review, (formerly posted by ‘Llywarch’), has now also been changed — on Amazon — to ‘Tim Bartley’, as have all sixteen of the original ‘Llywarch’ reviews; the first of these being in 2005. The text in each review was unchanged by a single word (which, again, rather gives the game away!) with the single exception of that of Harriet Tuckey’s book, and this was because the reviewer, ‘Llywarch’ (JP?), wished to add extra description and flattering details of his own work — in his second version — including information about an award he had recently won for which no-one had praised him (and having just lost out with The Boardman Tasker competition)…  Of course we have kept print-outs and will show both versions in the post next but one.

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