‘Llywarch’ ‘urged readers to compare the two testimonies’

Jac’s sisters think it a moot point that ‘Liz’* was owed an apology (as s/he bare-facedly claimed) considering how she has written of us after our first, brief mention of her on the Amazon site in February 2011, since when she has used that site to defame us with apparent impunity.  Her attitude serves only to reinforce our view that in reality it is Jim Perrin who is using that name as one of his aliases, and the style may be compared with that of comments made by ‘Melangell’, ‘My Sweet Waterfall’ and ‘Rich’. Some of those to whom we have referred in previous posts.

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However, in this post our concern is to show what an untruthful account of our sister’s life the author Jim Perrin has given in West, and how he has promoted himself and his book. We have said that much of what he has written about her is flagrant exaggeration, vivid imaginings and (this we can prove) absolute lies.

It is our belief that by manipulating the internet, as in our opinion Jim Perrin frequently does, he has used other names and email addresses in order to enhance his story and gain added credibility.

No amount of smoke and mirrors though, can obscure the truth. West contains many lies: the author was not entitled to call our sister his ‘lover, wife and friend of forty years’. It was a deliberate falsification of the facts: it was sophistry and for Jim Perrin to have claimed it as truth was the most shocking dissimulation. His grandiloquent words and his self-aggrandising lies (which we have proved them to be) are perpetuated by what, in our opinion, are many spurious reviews and comments and therefore is it any wonder that we should attempt to expose that element of his ‘creative’ writing?

If ‘Liz’ wishes through her chosen ‘avenue’ (her word, on Amazon), to plant the idea in readers’ minds that we are ‘trashing’ Jim Perrin, she is surely revealing more about herself than about ‘Jacssisters’ whose own ‘wish’ is to show the truth to those same readers.

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Jim Perrin said in an interview in TGO in September 2010: ‘I don’t feel remotely ashamed of making an effort with my prose…’  and the interviewer Emily Rodway told the reader that:  ‘…part of Jim’s aim was to record truthfully [truthfully!!] the experiences of a life and of a relationship.’ (Referring to our sister Jac.) Would that it were true; and he should feel ashamed, to have written the lies he has about her. This author, as we have proved time and again, is neither honest nor truthful where Jac is concerned. (Nor, we can say with confidence, on many other matters.)

His prose is frequently pernicious and he has, in places, written of her disgracefully: in our opinion Jim Perrin’s book contains much that is dross.

‘Llywarch’ (JP?) wrote on Amazon, 06/10/2010:  ‘pathological guilt’ (as Jim Perrin did on page 6 of West) and ‘venomous’ (as did ‘Liz’), and he said: ‘I’d urge readers to balance the tones of the two testimonies.’ That is, ‘his’ book and the posts on ‘jacssisters’ site, ‘and make their own minds up about the  characters involved.’  He goes on to recommend reading — as usual, and in this case — Cleese and Skinner’s ‘Families and How to Survive Them’.

And we would be very pleased if readers were to compare the two testimonies — ours’ we could swear to.

Jac’s sisters.

*  Since in this post, and in others, we mention ‘Liz’ and quote ‘her’ we must explain that Amazon, in response to a complaint by Jac’s sisters deleted all the malevolent comments s/he had made. In a future post we will show ‘her’ remarks — ‘we have kept print-outs’ — so that readers may see Jim Perrin at work in the guise of one of his several aliases.