Jac’s sisters complain to Amazon about author Jim Perrin

We have, for some time, been expressing both our disinclination to believe many of the postings on Amazon regarding Jim Perrin’s “West:” (and our own blog ‘jacssisters’) and our absolute disbelief that certain of the commentators were even genuine: that was our judgement.

But how could we parry the moves of one whom we thought to be so ‘experienced’ in the ways othe internet?  Ref: ‘Jim Perrin’s Fiefdom’.

Our blog is a genuine attempt to document the real history of our sister’s short, and unsatisfactory, relationship with Jim Perrin whose book – to our knowledge – reveals sophistry and great dishonestly, about her and much else.

We do understand he cannot be pleased that we should have risen against him and proved him to be an author by no means scrupulous: and those comments which are, in our opinion, his ‘attempts’ via Amazon to cast doubt on our own integrity have, by and large, shown (we think) how his mind works.

Although we were diverted for a while from our main purpose by responding to those adverse postings we think a considerable amount of fuel has been added to the fire – albeit we don’t for a moment expect that was his intention (or wish) – and he has, we believe, displayed in many of those ‘comments’ evidence of what we have been claiming about him throughout our blog.

But we do have complete faith in the blog and we realise it is crucial that our readers should continue to have faith in us: we thought it time to act and, hopefully, to prevent further ploys (by subterfuge) to sabotage us.

*           *           *           *           *

We wrote to Amazon: a real letter was delivered by one of our national treasures, ‘Royal Mail’, and as we could not presume that they knew of our blog (or would read it) we told Jac’s story and the reasons for our suspicions of Jim Perrin.  So – to regular readers of ‘jacssisters’ – the next blog will be the text of the letter we sent to Amazon and it is therefore, of its nature, covering ground which over the months we have already well established.

We wondered if the possible negative effect which the ill-intentioned comments about us and our blog might, as their perpetrator clearly intended, damage our credibility and we felt it was high time to contact Amazon and to explain what we believe has been happening.

Since they received our letter a thorough pruning has taken place: ‘Liz’, Llyrwarch’, ‘Seicolegwr’ and several others whom we suspect, have been expunged from that record.

We wrote in our blog ‘Perrinoia’ that we understood Amazon to be ‘a completely fair and even-handed organisation:’ ……….