Jim Perrin’s ‘last roll of the dice’?

The lies Jim Perrin wrote about our sister are many and ‘imaginative’; those concerning her financial circumstances, told to imply his own ‘nobility’, are just some among all the other false-hoods (and we have proved them to be so) to which we have taken, on her behalf, the gravest exception.  The emphases in the extracts are ours:

Page 65.     ‘Quite early in our relationship I had resolved to sell my house in Llanrhaeadr, USE THE EQUITY TO PAY OFF HER DEBTS… ’

Page 200.    ‘Jac had come to me exhausted, drained, depressed and filled with forebodings… Look away as we might we know when the grave illnesses are taking hold, are growing inside us…. the crab nips before it wrenches and tears…  In [our] brief season [May 1st until ‘Autumn coming’] SHE HAD BEEN RELIEVED OF DIFFICULTIES SHE’D BEEN FACING, but her injury and the constant pain of it had taken their toll.’

This was the injury in July 2003 his treatment of which had been ‘to keep her pissed on brandy and painkillers’, ref. our post Jac’s Accident, and for which he had sought no medical aid at all: and his remarkable fore-knowledge of her cancer, not diagnosed by the medical profession until more than a year later than the time he is describing in this passage, is in our view yet another example of Jim Perrin’s endless presumption of omnipotence. (Of course, he was actually ‘building up his story’.)

Our sister was not ‘exhausted, drained or depressed’ and she was not ‘filled with forebodings’.  We have described how close we were, as sisters and as friends. And women tell each other things; there were no forebodings.

‘To add to all this SHE WAS IN CONSIDERABLE DEBT’.

‘I had no material assets, my small reserves were dwindling fast… for me to sell, RELEASE EQUITY AND RENT somewhere on her side of the moors meant I COULD SETTLE JAC’S FINANCIAL LIABILITIES…’  (This was one of Jim Perrin’s lies which shows so clearly the path he was laying down; he had no intention of ‘renting’, but intended all along to win her to his way of thought — and to move into her house.)

And, last year, we have valid reasons to believe he wrote, using the alias ‘Melangell’ on The Guardian thread 02/08/2010, the libellous comment which we have dealt with comprehensively in our post Overheard at the Funeral by ‘Melangell’ (JP?) and which we quote here to show what a thoroughly nasty mind Jim Perrin has:  ‘…one of you, actually at  the funeral, mocking a distraught Jim, for HAVING SPENT EVERYTHING HE HAD ON JACQUETTA in her last couple of years. Some humanity there.’ Libellous, and absolutely untrue.

Jim Perrin also had the indefensible presumption to write, in West:

‘She was clearly worn out, already ill, burdened and exploited and even persecuted… I have a sense that for her… I WAS THE LAST ROLL OF THE DICE,’

His entire text is fallacious.  We know that our sister was not ‘worn out’; she certainly was not ‘already ill’, (neither with injury to her ribs nor with her cancer at that time — ‘When Jac had come to me’.  She was not ‘exploited’ in any way and the claim that she was ‘persecuted’ — by whom? — is risible and is, with all the rest of his behaviour recorded by us throughout our site, rather more indicative of his own mindset: one which we think is very weird indeed and shows, it might even be suggested, some sociopathic tendencies.  In our opinion this could well be so, and it might explain a great deal…

*      *      *      *      *

Jac’s family knows that what he wrote about her is so far from the truth that we can only repeat what we have written elsewhere:  ‘He lies for effect‘.

In our next posts we will show, CONTRARY to the lies which he has written — and with such conspicuous lack of gallantry — about Jac:  ‘that [he] was her last roll of the dice’ — indeed! She who was talented, lovely and loveable, and whom so many did dearly love; undoubtedly, it was our sister, financially speaking, who was Jim Perrin’s ‘last roll of the dice’ when he met her in October 2002.  We know this as we have seen incontrovertible evidence of the actual parlous state of his own finances at that time: certainly since her death he has gained and profited by her.

We sincerely believe Jim Perrin to be a ruthless and opportunistic man — however ‘cleverly’ he may try to hide it.

Jac’s sisters.