Jim Perrin is on Facebook

On a scale previously unforeseen Facebook affords an unfettered freedom for communication and self-expression. One who has embraced this website with enthusiasm — and it is interesting to note that by doing so he has broken a long established habit of writing anonymously with the use of aliases (his books and articles excepted of course) — has ‘gone public’, under his own name, on the internet. Jim Perrin is on Facebook…

As ‘James’ Perrin he informs his readers that he ‘studied at the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.’ We contacted them and asked if it was true. They said it was not and that they had absolutely no record of him being there in any capacity at all. The full details of what they told us can be read here: Jim Perrin has lied about his connection with the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

It is apparent that Jim Perrin, a man we have proved time and again to have lied — sometimes on exceptionally important issues — even set up his Facebook account with yet another blatant lie.

Experienced self-publicist as he is, ‘James’ Perrin posts his effusions on every topic and criticises without restraint those whom he considers to be beneath him. Never willing to withhold his opinionated interpretations of the work of others — be they authors also, or politicians — he expounds on a near daily basis  with all the confidence and self-assurance of one who has not been challenged. Spreading his net very wide he has amassed some thousands of Facebook ‘friends’, among them an inner circle of regular ‘followers’ who believe in his integrity and appear to consider him an oracle. (Jim Perrin makes honest people believe in his honesty and honest people, when loyal, are most reluctant to disbelieve: friends easily persuade themselves of the truth of what they wish to believe.) 

Clearly he would not countenance Jac’s sisters to be amongst his ‘friends’ yet we are able to ‘follow’ him because, as it happens, many ‘befriended’ by him are also readers of our posts and have, as it were, A Foot in Both Camps. We are regularly kept informed should anything he writes be of interest…

As we have shown, he lied about the Woodbrooke Centre — the lie is still prominent on his Facebook page; so barefaced when he must realise, as we know he reads our posts, that we have spoken with the principals of that establishment: but we do understand there are many whom he wishes to deceive or impress in this way being themselves Quakers, or others who also hold their precepts and moral code. Our title above, referring to the subject, would surely open their eyes if they knew of it…

    *       *       *       *       *

Based on our long experience of tracing Jim Perrin’s words and actions, and absolute evidence, we know much of what he has posted and ‘shared’ has been completely untrue. Indeed he has used Facebook to lay false trails as to his whereabouts. Sometimes he says he is moving to France when in fact he stays in Wales. Sometimes he states as a fact he is in France when he is really using his Welsh address.

This, 27/04/2019, refers to a scenic view in a photograph at the head of his page: ‘Much the same picture where I’ve spent most of the last twelve years, [living in a property — we have the address] in Ariège, close to the Spanish border.’ Well this is certainly another lie. ‘Most’ is deliberately deceptive. He lived in Wales together with his current partner Jan Wolf in various properties rented or bought by her (but skipped to France when he feared the CMS were close). Ref. Jim Perrin: More practice needed to deceive? Latterly they lived in her mother’s house, also in Wales, and most recently in the French house to which he refers above and which is not his but which was recently purchased by his partner from a previous and for a time concurrent partner. (Neither of the women were at first aware that he was having a physical relationship with them both.) He also uses a property owned by his partner’s company, in Talsarnau, North Wales. All this moving around from place to place was not, as he wrote, time where he ‘spent most of the last twelve years’; nor was it due to wanderlust. It was to further bamboozle those in the Child Maintenance Service as he has always done, taking the necessary steps to avoid them: ‘Not known at this address.’ 

To be continued.