White Ribbon Day (and Jim Perrin)

White Ribbon Day, November the 24th, also known as the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, was founded in November 1991, and is an annual day to raise awareness of family violence. The wearing of a symbolic white ribbon stands for never taking part in, condoning or staying silent when such violence is present.

Although the foundation is active in over sixty nations across the world, surprisingly, it is not a well-known remembrance day amongst the general British public — yet considering the soaring number of cases of recorded violence against domestic partners it is easy to see that it should be more prominently recognised.

Given that UK Law has now, and very tardily, brought in legislation which covers mental and psychological abuse and coercive control it is easy to see how, over the centuries, women, and men too, have suffered silently at the hands of their persecutors — by its nature it has been a clandestine crime. Thus we find the wording:  ‘…condoning or staying silent when such violence is present’ greatly significant.

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As readers of our posts will be aware, we have accused Jim Perrin of behaving towards his partners in a manner perfectly described as, in some cases, coercive control (this is not to mention here the details of the outrageous physical violence which he has used). We have urged those who fell under his malevolent control to free themselves of his ‘power’ by speaking out against him: and indeed many of his victims have done so since the inception of our website, and shared their experiences with us.

Our sympathies are with those who have told us of their personal and fraught times with this man, and who to this day, have suffered the on-going psychological effects of the traumatic experiences to which he subjected them.

Jac’s sisters.