Waterstones (take 2)… they rejected the first review

Regarding West: the synopsis of this paperback is misleading and our review must necessarily include the information that our sister, Jac (Jacquetta), was not the author’s ‘wife’: indeed she planned to leave him.

‘Writers will write’ — he has said elsewhere — yet to claim as truth that which can be proved to be untrue, is not so much a writer’s stratagem as, we believe, a questionable practice. His style aside there are many considerable inaccuracies in West.

Amongst others, Jim Perrin does not come from the Welsh family background he claims in several passages, nor is he (fortunately for him) dying of ‘terminal lung cancer’ — pages 149 to 150, and 301 to 302 — and we feel that a review should, properly, point out these discrepancies when the book is claimed by its author to be autobiographical.

In our attempt to put the record straight — where our late sister is concerned — we have set up this site and we hope that ‘Waterstones:’ (in the interests of honesty and fair play) will allow us to invite readers of Jim Perrin’s book, West, to access it at: jacssisters.org.

But, they did not.

Jac’s sisters.