A grand Boardman Tasker outcome

Harriet Tuckey has been chosen by the judges as the winner of this year’s Boardman Tasker Award for Mountaineering Literature.

Her book is a biography of her father: ‘Everest, The First Ascent: the untold story of Griffith Pugh, the man who made it possible.’ and we would like to take this opportunity to add our congratulations to all those she has already so well-deservedly received.

Also — and this we are particularly pleased and happy to relate — it was decided by the judges and committee that, although he had not this year put forward a book for consideration, they wished to honour Jim Curran. They wrote: ‘A Special Award has been given to Jim Curran for “His Outstanding and Consistent Contribution to Mountain Literature.” ’  What a marvellous accolade this is…


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