The ‘honourable’ Jim Perrin to speak at Barmouth

Karen Cropper, of St. John’s Hall Gallery, Barmouth, in Wales posted the following on the gallery’s website on the second of July:

‘We are honoured [our italics] to be able to offer talks on two fascinating topics this August by award-winning writer, Jim Perrin…’

In our opinion it is unfortunate that she gives Jim Perrin too much ‘honour’ in this introduction and we think it must only be because, as yet, she simply  can have no knowledge of the author’s back-story; and we wonder what percentage of the audience would feel at all comfortable, or indeed if she would herself, if they knew the history of the man who is to give the lectures  — certainly, we expect, they should not  consider themselves ‘honoured’.

His ‘history’, as revealed on this site by jacssisters, is a faithful record of one who may with justification be described as ‘faithless’. His appalling behaviour to so many men, women and children over the years — and which continues in some well-documented cases to the present day — is inexcusable and it is our belief (and of course we have evidence to back our assertions) that Jim Perrin is not a man to whom the description ‘honourable’ can be applied.

We do hope that Karen Cropper will find time to read at least some of the posts on our site, and we assure her (and all other readers) that what we have written can be verified — although, in order to defend himself, Jim Perrin might try to convince her otherwise…

Jac’s sisters.