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Jim Perrin, the ‘Guardian’ Country Diarist for Wales, is a Wanted Man

‘Melangell’ (JP?) commented on The Guardian Country Diary thread, 18/10/2010: ‘Set those diarists world-wandering a bit more often, I say, reporting back from wherever they like in the global village.’ This response was to a diary entry from Papua New Guinea which was posted by Mark Cocker (and close friend of Jim Perrin), an ornithologist with an international reputation whose diaries, since 1988, have been consistently outstanding: perhaps he had been there recently in the course of his research.

Was ‘Melangell’ (JP?) perhaps trying with this comment to exert some influence? It would certainly be to Jim Perrin’s advantage…

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Is Jim Perrin now writing as ‘DrudwyBranwen’?

We said in the previous post that Jim Perrin writes for the Guardian as a Country Diarist. Although he is English he is paid by them to be  ‘THE Country Diarist for Wales’! It is a mystery that they do not ask someone who is Welsh…

Visiting Wales in 2013 to deliver ‘The William Condry Memorial Lecture’  was another English diarist, Mark Cocker, who has himself on occasion posted diary entries from Wales; he is renowned both as an ornithologist and author and the details of his remarkable career may be found on-line. He lives in Norfolk and his diary entries are mostly posted from that part of the country. They are finely observed and written in an unpretentious, painterly style with here and there highlights and memorable colour. Continue reading

Part three of ‘Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia page’

R J Ellory has said that he ‘felt confused about [Wikipedia’s] policy’ and he pointed out that in his entry ‘the representation of his life to the wider world was not biased, inappropriate, incorrect or false.’

Neither, it follows, was the information that the author, Jim Perrin, had five other children. There could have been no privacy issue, nor was it ‘inappropriate’, as he himself had already recorded just one of his children: one  of his sons, who as it happened was also a talented climber…  or had sanctioned that entry. Posted on 24/1/2011 it remained for nearly two years; there is little likelihood that Jim Perrin would have been unaware, as he is frequently tinkering with his Wikipedia page, yet all details of this eldest son along with the mention, which later had been added, of the rest of his children (and it may be presumed not posted by himself) were speedily deleted by him on 15/11/2012. Possibly he felt that the extra information about those other children (that is, each by a different mother) might reflect unfavourably on his character — on his carefully constructed image — and his way around the ‘difficulty’ was to remove completely that part of the entry which dealt with all his children; to remove them from the record. If one reads Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia page and visits ‘view history’ all the many changes can be seen. Continue reading