Is Jim Perrin now writing as ‘DrudwyBranwen’?

We said in the previous post that Jim Perrin writes for the Guardian as a Country Diarist. Although he is English he is paid by them to be  ‘THE Country Diarist for Wales’! It is a mystery that they do not ask someone who is Welsh…

Visiting Wales in 2013 to deliver ‘The William Condry Memorial Lecture’  was another English diarist, Mark Cocker, who has himself on occasion posted diary entries from Wales; he is renowned both as an ornithologist and author and the details of his remarkable career may be found on-line. He lives in Norfolk and his diary entries are mostly posted from that part of the country. They are finely observed and written in an unpretentious, painterly style with here and there highlights and memorable colour.

As the title of this post suggests, we are trying to demonstrate that Jim Perrin has devised a new alias, ‘DrudwyBranwen’, to add to his repertoire — see Pearls before swine?  Other than using Mark Cocker’s name in relation to the details below we would not have involved him, but it was not possible to have posted them without naming him, as will become clear. For example to have referred to him as ‘Mr X’ would have made no sense at all; yet we felt it was necessary, by drawing attention to them, (in our on-going attempt to prove that Jim Perrin has long  been underhandedly using aliases) that these details did not slip away unnoticed.

*      *      *      *      *

Apart from the ‘DrudwyBranwen’ comment of 25/05/2013, discussed in ‘Pearls before swine?’,  there are several more ‘DrudwyBranwen’ posts; we will show this revealing sequence from 2013 to 2014 — and of course they may be read on the Guardian Country Diary site:

a)    Mark Cocker was in Wales to give his lecture (see above) on 05/10/2013.

b)    Jim Perrin posted a ‘Guardian’ Country diary entry from Llanystumdwy on 11/10/2013.

c)    ‘DrudwyBranwen’ (JP?)  posted four comments after that entry, one of which  read: ‘I hear the village hall at Llanystumdwy was packed with a protest meeting last night.’* 12/10/2013

d)    Mark Cocker wrote his own ‘Guardian’ Country Diary entry from Llanystumdwy one day later on 13/10/2013.

e)    ‘DrudwyBranwen’ (JP?) responded next day: ‘Yes, what a beautiful place! Have a look at Saturday’s diary  [previously, by Jim Perrin on 11/10/2013] from the same place to see what is likely to happen to it!’ 14/10/2013.

f)    There was a further entry on the subject, by Jim Perrin, on 31/01/2014, after which five more comments were posted by  ‘DrudwyBranwen’ (JP?).

Our reason for listing these country diary dates as well as the comments posted by ‘DrudwyBranwen’ is to point out a most indicative time-line. We are absolutely convinced that Jim Perrin and ‘DrudwyBranwen’ are one and the same — and have had not the slightest doubt since the first appearance of what we believe is only the latest of Jim Perrin’s alter egos.

*      *      *      *      *

Some may ask: ‘Does all this matter?’ But Jim Perrin has been leading a merry dance for some time and if perhaps there is no concern for Truth; or Honesty; or Sincerity it does not, after all,  ‘matter’. It is our own opinion though that Jim Perrin is a stranger to these values and at every turn in the dance he has  attempted over the years, by deception, to manipulate events with his on-going use of various pseudonyms.

* Probably Jim Perrin was present at that ‘protest meeting’ in the village hall at Llanystumdwy, and it might be that Mark Cocker was also there — his country diary entry, from Llanystumdwy, was posted three days after the meeting. We mention this because we know that Jim Perrin and Mark Cocker are good friends and it would seem the logical course of events, in the context of the time-line. However, we wish to stress most particularly that we are absolutely not implying any element at all of collusion between them. We feel certain that Mark Cocker was, and always has been, genuinely and completely unaware of any deceit by Jim Perrin.

*      *      *      *      *

PS: We have just been told, 01/07/2014, that Jim Perrin was at that meeting and in fact spoke. It was said:  ‘He referred to an article he had written on this matter for the Guardian ‘Country Diary’ this week — he urged everyone to respond to this article through the Guardian website.’Friends of Dwyfor Estuary

‘DrudwyBranwen’ (Jim Perrin, of course) followed his own suggestion and did so — four times…

PPS: For those, like us, supportive of their cause, the Friends of Dwyfor Estuary, leading the protest against local shooting, are online here.

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