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‘Snowdon’ author Jim Perrin is a disconcerted man

It has been said (by someone who is a friend Jim Perrin and knows him well) that we are with our posts ‘getting under his skin’ — and that ‘he is a disconcerted man’.

Asked whether we should not be concerned that by writing them we might be drawing more attention to his earlier book West, we have thought of it and given it careful consideration: however, we realise that anyone who reads the book we so deplore, and the first chapter in The Climbing Essays (the first book in which he wrote his lies about ‘Jacquetta’) is likely to become aware of jacssisters.org. We have been told this by many who have actually found our site after reading his books…

Therefore more people will be able to read for themselves the story of our sister’s short relationship with Jim Perrin — the man she grew to fear, and of the extra issues that with the help of others have come to light and which we have raised since our first postings. Those who might research him, and who discover jacssisters — both now or in the future — will learn far more about him than ever he would wish or could imagine. Continue reading

Author Jim Perrin writes more flim-flam

We undertook the unravelling of some of Jim Perrin’s financial affairs with the primary objective of showing how untruthful he was about them — not only to our sister during her short time with him (and, what he wrote about them after she died) — but also to many other women.

Throughout his book West he has written of her with a marked and peculiarly inventive dishonesty: and he also wrote, at the time of her death, that she was the cause of his poverty. If this were true it would, nonetheless, have been churlish, lacking in gallantry and disrespectful to one he had purported to love: it was not only unkind to write of Jac as he did but it was, of course, entirely untrue. How ignoble must be the mind of a man who wrote in that way.

Jim Perrin is not one of Nature’s Gentlemen and in our opinion he lacks not only integrity but generosity of spirit, and is capable merely of the pretence  of empathy. We have said of him in a previous post that ‘we believe he is a hollow man’ — and possibly one with sociopathic tendencies. Continue reading

Of Nature Diarist Jim Perrin: Can a leopard change its spots?

Having already dealt with Jim Perrin’s false and unworthy claims that he had no money because ‘he had spent it all on Jacquetta’, we have also shown in the recent sequence of posts how he had planned to take over the tenancy of her house — telling her children within only a day or two of her death that it was his intention to do so: and, in the years before he was involved with Jac, and since May 2005, he has (we know) used various tactics with several young women to relieve them of their funds and property. (Here it is appropriate to mention that there would be no way we could write this if we did not have absolute proof… )

In our view it is shameful that some who know of this aspect of Jim Perrin’s  history (themselves having influence) choose to ignore it; it is almost to condone his behaviour; the behaviour which has hurt so many and caused such heartache: ‘Silence gives consent’.

Thus we feel it is useful (and many have also told us so) that Jim Perrin’s way of conducting himself over the years, and more recently, should be brought to the attention of anyone who may in their turn risk becoming a victim as did our sister. If we have in the process hurt his would-be spotless reputation that is perhaps unfortunate but since writing these posts about her we have been told that it was not the first time that Jim Perrin had attempted — by various means — to use the assets of his partners: in our opinion he has so successfully perfected the technique by which he compartmentalises his relationships that of the young women involved each was, until later, unaware of his machination. ‘What cannot a neat knave with a smooth tale make a woman believe?’ * Continue reading