STOP PRESS: Jim Perrin to speak at Dinefwr

At the end of this month there will be an exciting new literary event in Wales. The ’Dinefwr Literature Festival’, is to be held at the National Trust property, Dinefwr Park and Castle, in Carmarthenshire, West Wales and is a collaboration between the National Trust in Wales; University of Wales — Trinity Saint David; and ‘Literature Wales’. Lleucu Siencyn, chief executive of ‘Literature Wales’ is the festival director. This is the first of what is intended to become a regular fixture in the Welsh literary calendar, and the dates are June 29th and 30th, and July 1st.

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We note that Jim Perrin (who, it is known, is a Wanted Man) is scheduled to appear at the festival ‘In conversation with Jon Gower’, and he is described in the information as: ‘One of our finest writers about mountains and climbing, nature and HUMAN NATURE’ — our capitals! This would seem to be hyperbole except that he expects it to be believed and, new to his CV, this idea — this seed, just planted — will possibly germinate and flourish in future profiles. Who writes these preambles? Does he write them himself? And, another preview: ‘…sees Jon Gower talking to Jim Perrin about nature writing, new and old, mountains and [here is irony] LOVE.’ — again, our capitals: and ‘The restless peregrinations’ mentioned elsewhere could be the attempt by the author to elude the Child Support Agency who have for some years unsuccessfully been trying to locate him: he is a man of ‘No Fixed Abode’ and chooses not to give them an address. As we once wrote: ’He tries to keep one step ahead of those who seek him‘. As for ‘Love’; any mention of our sister Jac (Jacquetta) in that talk will be — given the details which we know and have posted on our site — merely opportunistic, and we hope that those listening, should he have the temerity still to speak of her — and not forgetting his fee — (we have, before, accused him ‘of dining out on her memory’) will either already have read the posts on our site jacssisters or, afterwards, will be willing to do so.

Jac’s sisters.