There might be an interesting programme, Psychopath Night, at 9pm. tomorrow, Saturday 14/12/13 on Channel 4…

Jim Perrin recently read from his new book of short stories at the Aberystwyth Art Centre bookshop. As reported for the New Welsh Review by their correspondent:’In fiction, you can reveal all your psychopathic yearnings without concern for consequence,’ Perrin told the group of avid listeners, laughing.

We have drawn attention to this because since the inception of our site we have said it is our ABSOLUTE belief that Jim Perrin does indeed have many particular psychopathic behavioural traits; as opposed to ‘yearnings’. In all the examples we have shown concerning his attitude to his innumerable relationships, (not just with our sister, Jac) — his willingness to lie; to abuse physically, emotionally and financially — we write in the sure knowledge of truth which is backed, of course, by evidence. His alacrity over the years to behave in ways entirely underhand; his use of extreme violence towards his partners in order to achieve his ends; and, in his literary world, his use of aliases to present himself ‘as other’ to bolster his own career and to damage others’; to write anonymous and scurrilous letters to influence both judging panels AND landlords… always with a supreme sense of omnipotence as he has pursued these aims — and throughout, with no sense of empathy at all — shows, in our opinion, that Jim Perrin may indeed have a psychopathic personality.