Review of ‘Snowdon’ author Jim Perrin’s earlier book ‘West:’

We have expressed our belief that Jim Perrin uses aliases and we have pointed out, particularly, ‘Llywarch’ and ‘Melangell’. ‘Melangell’ (JP?) posted, on 05/09/2012, a comment following an article by The Guardian’s prestigious environment editor, John Vidal two days earlier. Unable to resist the temptation to correct a quote, he did so — perhaps to showcase his ‘erudition’ — (although anyone may look it up), and ended waspishly with a side-swipe by saying ‘The ignorance of these sub-editors!’ In fact he was third in line — two others, ‘FifthCookieMonster’ and ‘hitandrun’, had posted their (more kindly) comments on the 3rd and the 4th of  September.

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‘Llywarch’ (JP?) having kept a low profile for some time, posted on Amazon, on 31/12/2012, ‘Ever heard of recurrent motifs and puzzled out their purpose?’ This piece of ‘cleverness’ was a belated response to ‘Richard’ whose review of West may still be read; he had had the ‘effrontery’ to award West merely one star on the Amazon review thread — thirteen months earlier, on 29/11/20 ‘Richard’s’ review reads: ‘Unlike his [JP’s] earlier writing, I found the attempt to describe landscapes in this book tedious. The times he mentioned the moon waxing or a little owl coming into view, one could almost predict the point of appearance. It was as if he has developed lazy habits when writing. I found a lot of the book more suited to a Sunday tabloid. [We know just what he means.] Altogether a disappointment.’ And, a full thirteen months later, ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) posted the comment quoted above. Obviously the review will have found no favour with Jim Perrin and it seems to have been rankling for over a year… We are certain it is Jim Perrin: as one of Jac’s sisters once remarked, ‘Who else but HE would care — or would be sufficiently interested — or would have the motive?’…

Jac’s sisters.