Our account of Jac’s illness — part three

On the night before Jac died her ‘Suffolk’ sister telephoned Jim Perrin to enquire about her; this was in the evening, after he had left the hospital. He told her that Jac ‘was much brighter’ and that ‘the jaundice had improved’. She was very disturbed by this as she had until that moment no idea that Jac had been jaundiced, and her ‘Yorkshire’ sister, who also telephoned Jim Perrin that evening, was not told of it at all; indeed he said to her ‘I think she is a little better tonight’. He gave no indication to either sister of any undue concern despite what, subsequently — and in clear contradiction — he wrote in West.

So far from being unconscious, ref. page 271, her ‘Suffolk’ sister spoke to her for a very long time: ‘Hey Jac, we have been on the phone for over two hours!’ before they said their goodnights, and her ‘Yorkshire’ sister also spoke with her afterwards, even later that same evening. Conversations which took place after Jim Perrin had left Jac in the hospital…

By now she was extremely tired — it was nearly midnight — and mazy, so her ‘Yorkshire’ sister suggested to her that she would contact her ‘Welsh’ sister and tell her not to ring that night, but, on Jac’s behalf, she would say goodnight to her — and to this Jac agreed.

After this her ‘Yorkshire’ sister did telephone to repeat her conversation with Jac and, as well, to convey what Jim Perrin had said, earlier in the evening, when she rang him to find out how Jac was.

Despite what Jim Perrin wrote in West Jac certainly was not ‘unconscious’ — all this communication was in the ‘twenty-four hours before she died’ (ref. the hateful ‘Melangell’ JP? comment on The Guardian thread 24/07/2010); and although he wrote this lie in his book four years later he had, instead, actually reassured her sisters at the time that there was no urgency. (We now believe that he was not even present the night before as this is what we were later told by Jac’s nurses, but dishonestly gave the impression he was…)

When her ‘Welsh’ sister arrived at the hospital the next day, Wednesday, at 7.00am, she was taken aside to speak with the ward sister and was profoundly shocked to be told that during the night Jac had fallen into a deep coma from which they did not expect her to waken: indeed there might possibly be only a few hours of life left to her.

Jac’s sisters.