Jim Perrin writes libellously?


‘A previous man in her life had beaten her savagely about the head, and her corrective balance was gone.’  ref. p.18 of West.

This is not only an arrant lie, but in our sister’s case the medical ‘fact’ is also ridiculous nonsense. But the description is a typical example of Jim Perrin’s ability to libel people so carefully that hopefully he will not be caught out.  He has learned the hard way about the laws of libel and has, to his cost, fallen foul of them. Nowadays he uses a system he has devised, a system — ‘libelling libel-lessly’ — by which, with apparent impunity, he can traduce anyone he chooses; those of whom he is inordinately jealous, ref. p.74 of West, those who have crossed him — hurt his amour-propre; those who are in any way thought to be an inconvenient obstacle to his ‘imagined’ truth.  He sharpens his little knife and uses it with all his verbal dexterity.

He is well aware, in his ‘cleverness’, that many of his readers will know to whom he refers and he has used this ‘system’ on several occasions to insult our family and friends — in his latest book, for one.

In his description of our sister’s accident, it can be seen that he refers to two other incidents — both before and afterwards thus, to a degree, lessening any responsibility he may have had. Of course Jac told us of this accident and described to us what had happened.  She was, as she explained, outside with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other, when slipping on a loose boulder she missed her footing and fell badly onto her left side; the pain was excruciating.

Without doubt this injury to her ribs was extremely serious, and for months she was in terrible pain.

Jac’s sisters.