Jim Perrin, ‘Guardian’ country diarist for Wales, claims to be living in Ariege, France

We were telephoned this evening (19/09/2018) by a Welsh well-wisher who, after discussing various aspects of our site, gave us further information about the author Jim Perrin: they pointed out to us the entry on his Wikipedia page in which he states that he lives in Ariège, Midi-Pyrénées.

Why then, they not unreasonably asked, were The Guardian paying him (as presumably they do each month, sometimes twice a month) to write for them as the Country Diarist for Wales?

Perhaps this question should be directed to the editor of the newspaper herself, Katharine Viner… (We have a theory that we have advanced in previous posts: we suggest that Jim Perrin has Friends in High Places; and that he receives preferential treatment for reasons which we mortals cannot know.)