Jim Perrin attempts to pre-empt Jac’s sisters

We have recently been told — and to our surprise — that Jim Perrin has taken to recommending jacssisters.org to his supporters; and given the content of our site this is certainly an interesting development… It seems though he  is doing it only in order to explain that anything they read here should be disregarded! He will need, to ‘make his case’, to counter any ill-effect on his reputation. Jacssisters, he says, is full of lies; we ‘have an axe to grind’; what we have written is not to be believed and we ‘have it in for him’ — he denies all our accusations. ‘Well he would, wouldn’t he?’

It was suggested to us that he has been doing this, actually drawing attention to our site, as pre-emption; for by now he must be aware that people are finding and reading for themselves the posts in which we highlight his questionable activities over the years — and to the present day — and his proved wickedness. (He would perhaps be mortified if he knew how many readers there are, who regularly follow our posts.) Presumably he hopes, by disclaiming all that we have written about him, and calling us liars, to retain or regain some element of credibility amongst those of his followers who might otherwise believe what we have been relating.

How Jim Perrin can suggest, with any justification (or indeed a straight face), that our site — with the posts, the attached evidence, the quotes and the shared experiences of his numerous former victims — can possibly be ‘full of lies’ is a further indication of his self-delusion. Surely anyone who reads it will understand the care with which the posts are constructed and cross-referenced and will also realise (and this is particularly important) that we would never, for obvious reasons, post anything which we could not back up if we were called upon to do so.

We believe, and have the proof, that however vehemently he may try to negate the impact of the information we have disclosed Jim Perrin continues to be — what in our view he has most successfully been for so long — an arch-deceiver.

Jac’s sisters.