Has ‘Snowdon’ author Jim Perrin NO shred of shame?

Never one to forgo an opportunity to repeat his ‘stories’ Jim Perrin would have been pleased to agree the text of the foreword to his recent book Snowdon, with its inclusion of the reference to West.  (We note his article in ‘Planet’ in which he mentions again his expertise with a labouring sheep:  ‘… as I’d done often in my shepherding days.’ *)

It is apparent that Jim Perrin has no shred of shame: he knows — as by now do thousands of others — that we, Jac’s sisters, have proved him to be an outright liar (and not just a purveyor of ‘the little white lie’) and that much of what he wrote so ‘movingly’ about Jac we have shown, irrefutably, to be untrue.

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The foreword was written by one who appears to believe in him implicitly, saying of him: ‘…his confessional and heart-rending ”West: A Journey Through the Landscapes of Loss” — [is] as moving and profound an exploration of grief and the will to live as one is likely to find.’

Yes, over the years, Jim Perrin has practised his prose assiduously and is a talented word-smith. In particular he has learned how to tug at the heart-strings of his readers — and to convince them of his probity — although we have, throughout our posts, accurately described his behaviour and how he did behave to our own sister: and we do not forget the many other young and vulnerable women whose lives, as they have told us, have been blighted by his abuse. (We can also list some men among this number.)

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It was R. Merfyn Jones — a former vice-chancellor of Bangor University (the university which conferred upon Jim Perrin an Honourary Fellowship in July 2008) who knew him when he was a student there, and who is a friend, who wrote this flattering foreword. We have said before that Jim Perrin has ‘friends in high places’ and it may be deduced from the foreword in which Mr Jones wrote of the author with such high praise, that he knows him well… Perhaps there is some connection with that Honorary Fellowship?

If he had known about jacssisters.org — or had read it — he would, perhaps, have found what we have been recording to be difficult to comprehend. If he had read it, and believed us, it must have come as a horrid shock to one who apparently admires Jim Perrin so greatly, and has done so over many years.

We wonder, if he did read the posts, how he could have failed to realise that the author whose work he holds in such regard, had written, amongst others, the most appalling lies about our sister, ‘Jacquetta’. Had he been aware, he might not have chosen to highlight that title as he did — and we wonder if in fact it had been Jim Perrin’s own suggestion; perhaps to boost the sales of that ill-fated book? And so little did Jim Perrin ever ‘lose the will to live’ that he had, within a year of our sister’s funeral service, persuaded another young woman to move in with him. This relationship ended in emotional and financial trauma for the girl, as he massively defrauded her — but then — there were others for him to charm (and to defraud…) — and, promptly, he did so.

He may well have grieved for our sister, but his grief was of short duration and he ‘worked through it’ with unseemly haste.  When he wrote of it (and by the time the book was published it was some four or five years later) he had already, been involved in at least three additional ‘relationships’. This was far, of course, from the heart-rending impression he chose to give when writing West and when he appeared up and down the country at his book promotions. He utilised his ‘grief’ as he travelled his lachrymose and despairing ‘Journey’, to gain sympathy — as who would not feel sympathy for this ‘despairing’ man (bearing in mind he had had those other relationships in the five years since Jac died) and, one who had also been dealt the mortal blow of a ‘diagnosis of Terminal Lung Cancer’? as  he had written in his book; and subsequently told his credulous audiences.

We believe, knowing as we do how ‘careless’ Jim Perrin is with the truth — and not only about his time with Jac — that his prose is frequently a counterfeit coinage: it cannot withstand the assay and, in our view, is too much in circulation.

It is our opinion that one of his greatest ‘talents’ as a writer (apart from his ongoing use of ‘implication’) and in the conduct of his life, is his ability to convince people of his ‘confessional and heart-rending’ sincerity — we might even say that he has always played the part so ‘convincingly’.

Jac’s sisters.

*In one of the responses to our posting: Part 3 of Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia  page, we have kindly been given further confirmation that he was a not a shepherd. The authoritative statement reads, partially:  ‘…Jim Perrin was never employed as a shepherd. He rented a property known as Brithdir Mawr and might occasionally have helped neighbouring farmers.’ As we thought, his endlessly amplified story of his ‘shepherding days’ is just one more example of Jim Perrin’s use of ‘implication’; of how he spins his yarn. One Sheep Does Not A Shepherd Make…

PS. We notice that Snowdon has garnered on Amazon a five-starred review and a comment from one who styles himself ‘Llywarch‘. And we have, in previous postings, placed on record our belief — after detailed comparison of all the ‘Llywarch’ texts known to us including one which he deleted (but not before we took a printout!) — that ‘Llywarch’ is, in reality, Jim Perrin.

We are, after reading the latest two, as firmly of the opinion as ever that Jim Perrin was the author not only of the book, Snowdon, but of this effusive 5* review and comment, using the alias ‘Llywarch’. (A later note, 31/05/18:  Jim Perrin has gone right through his Amazon review threads deleting ‘Llywarch’ and replacing that name with ‘Tim Bartley’; the texts remain as before. As one sister remarked: ‘Who else but He would care, or would be sufficiently interested, or would have the motive?’)