`Guardian’ columnist Jim Perrin plays cat’s-cradle with his time-lines

Since we set up this site — to put the record straight — we have taken many detours from our main purpose; which was to give a truthful and detailed account of what we felt had been betrayal of our sister by the author, Jim Perrin. His cynical attempt, after she died, to profit from his false ‘autobiographical’ recollections of her in West (which is larded with lies) was reprehensible.  Lies that we believe are risible or absolute inventions; lies that are bad-to-middling or, at the other end of his literary scale, self-glorifying and, about others, malevolent.

Some of what he wrote, as once he admitted to our sister — should it get into the wrong hands: `A shrink would have a field-day with this’

Certainly, undeniably, if he had not over the years honed his talent for ‘libelling libel-lessly’ there could have been several actions following the publication of that particular book: the book which, we have said elsewhere `is a travesty of the truth’ and in which he made a cats-cradle of his time-lines; this in a flagrant attempt to acquire some credibility for the story of his time with our sister ‘Jacquetta’.  He also allowed himself the sadistic pleasure of traducing others by lying and alleging words and deeds against them specifically to impugn their reputations: in our opinion Jim Perrin is a bully and would not risk saying to their faces what he has written about them.

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Our site, we are told, has been the cause of much reflection for its readers, and now there are many, including erstwhile `fans’ of Jim Perrin, who have come to realise that Their Idol Has Feet Of Clay — although in his own defence he is now saying that he is ‘the victim’ — ‘the victim of malicious gossip which is being spread about.’ …

The reason for our `detours’ is that as we have learned so much from those who, after reading our posts, have felt freed and have shared their own histories with us, we have been made aware that our sister was not an isolated case; but that ‘betrayal’ of others would seem to have been a constant pattern, a recurring theme, throughout Jim Perrin’s adult life: in our opinion it has been a major part of his modus-operandi.

We have written that `He used and abused our sister’ although it has become apparent, from what we have been told by many with first-hand experience, that Jac was not the only person by whom Jim Perrin has profited (in more ways than one); indeed it might with good reason be thought that he has made it his life’s work and with all the evidence now available one could, perhaps, call him a career-profiteer.

But, for a while, we intend to move away from revealing what are, we believe, very serious issues: Jim Perrin’s proved deceptions and lies; his use of coercion and his attempted character assassination and vilification of his peers; as well as — far worse than all of these — his violence, and his abuse of women (financial, mental and physical).

In a future posting we will refer to those earlier entries in which we related in detail the facts of our own sister’s involvement with Jim Perrin (and which she had told us she regretted), and our descriptions of her illness and her death from cancer.

There is something about that time which has been perplexing us but we feel that now we are closer to understanding it…

Jac’s sisters.