CAN Jim Perrin be taken seriously? (or, pot calls kettle black)

We notice that ‘Llywarch, “yrhenwr”, (Portland, Oregon)’ writes, in the first line of his sneering review (scroll down on that page) of Into the Silence — by Wade Davis: ‘One thing that puzzled me about this book was that, despite the tide of effusive comment here [America] and in the British press…’

This, in our opinion, is the use of a ‘red herring’ to imply that he — ‘Llywarch’ — (whom we believe to be Jim Perrin) is, really, not on our shores.

And, he continues: ‘It didn’t pick up any of the mountaineering awards — the Boardman-Tasker, the myriad categories at Banff Mountaineering Book Festival for which it might have been eligible.’

His wording is contrived: the book could not have been awarded a prize if not put forward; and it was the author’s decision — presumably with the best advice possible — which competition he chose to enter. ‘Llywarch’ clearly seeks in this introductory passage to imply that the book did not receive their awards — perhaps would not have done so, and it is in our view a thoroughly nasty piece of insinuation. And it is only one example, among many, in which Jim Perrin has shown this particularly malevolent behaviour to authors whom he has over the years perceived as ‘rivals’.  

We remember that Jim Perrin, by coincidence, was on the panel of judges for that Banff Mountaineering Book Award in 2012 — clearly he would never have voted for it.  (And do note ‘Llywarch’s’ ubiquitous little slurs against ‘the English’ further on in this review.)

We remain as certain as ever that  ‘Llywarch’ IS Jim Perrin, and it is interesting that the review was posted on the British Amazon thread and not on the separate American Amazon review site — across the Atlantic — where, in his opening paragraph, he is claiming to be.

On the American site, ‘Into the Silence’ has, so far, received 149 reviews: 93 of them 5-star and 36  4-star, and, as well, in this country a further 100 reviews — 77  5-star and 14  4-star.

Surely, ‘Llywarch’ (JP?) is swimming against the tide, either here or across the ocean, with this disparaging and positively insulting review, and his measly grant of 2 stars? Who does he think he is?

*       *       *       *       *

Jim Perrin’s (sorry, ‘Llywarch’s’) remarks that he has ‘seldom come across a book that so cried out for a firm and knowledgeable editor.’ is risible: ‘It weighs in at not far short of 700 pages and could have been half that length…’

This from someone whom we remain convinced is the author of ‘Snowdon’ (also reviewed by ‘Llywarch’ — with 5 stars). Jim Perrin’s was a book not only seven years late in the delivery (ref. review by ‘Farkins’ on Amazon, but posted elsewhere, we understand, by Huw Jenkins of the Snowdonia society), but one which exceeded, by more than double, the originally agreed word-count: thus the beautiful photographs by Ray Wood — a brilliant Snowdonia photographer — who had also been commissioned, and had delivered on time, for inclusion in the book were, as are the eggs and nestlings of the cuckoo’s deceived and put-upon hosts, jettisoned.

Despite the sycophantic and ingratiating comments made about the publishers, by ‘Llywarch’, on the ‘Snowdon’ (Amazon) review thread, Gomer Press should feel ashamed that they were unable to edit Jim Perrin: his book would, without doubt, have benefited from (as ‘Llywarch’ put it) ‘a firm and knowledgeable editor’: and — more so — from Ray Wood’s photographs for, as Alice thought:  ‘… what is the use of a book without pictures…?’

Whether he be writing as Jim Perrin or ‘Llywarch’ the reviews written by this man are questionable and often their content is such that it is hardly possible to take him seriously.

Jac’s sisters.