Jim Perrin faces accusations of racism and other matters (@punkistani93 Jim Perrin): part one

Our post on this subject is in two parts but, as we work on it, immediate access to the relevant twitter thread of Yasmin Begum can be found by checking out ‘Taffistan Am Byth — Jim Perrin’, which outlines her response to Jim Perrin’s review of Eric Ngalle’s biography.

None of the contents of his review will be surprising to those who have encountered him but it is interesting to see how his attitudes have become even more publicly extreme when unchecked. And it is significant that he has chosen to write in this way when, and particularly at this time, the BLM movement — Black Lives Matter— has risen to prominence. Meanwhile, as we said, we will endeavour to cover the story more fully, in two parts. Continue reading


Jim Perrin’s exam scam. (Jac’s sisters believe him to be an accomplished liar and cheat.)

We see that on Jim (James) Perrin’s Facebook he has chosen to post a photograph of himself almost saint-like, and appropriately encircled with stars… (which he has borrowed from the EU flag). The gentle, benevolent smile belies the truth. We noted how in an earlier Country Diary entry: ref. Jim Perrin sends his blessings, he sent ‘his blessings’ to his readers at Christmas.

In our opinion Jim Perrin is heartless, manipulative and a narcissistic personality and in posts on our site we have presented dozens of evidences of the real character of this man. Continue reading


Jim Perrin jilted his lover

We have recently learned of another instance of the heartless treatment by Jim Perrin of the many women who have become enamoured of him over the years, and whom he has cajoled and cozened into sharing their lives and their assets. Financial gain and the acquisition of property were his main considerations, as one after the other the poor duped women would discover. We have been told by some of them how much they had lost, and how their lives have been ruined by their association with him.

Sadly, our sister Jac was also deceived by him and we have posted evidence of his mental cruelty towards her and of his violent assault on one of her sons. This assault was reported to the police and was logged. (As we explained in a previous post our nephew declined any further action, although advised he had just cause, because although our sister was entirely supportive of him she was already in the later stages of her cancer and he had no wish to add further complications to the family dynamic or give her any additional anxiety.) Continue reading