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Jim Perrin’s Wikipedia page (part 1)

In a ‘Daily Telegraph’ article by Andrew Hough, 27/12/12, there was further news of the author, R.J. Ellory, and his Wikipedia entries.  As explained in an earlier posting we believe that the ‘Guardian’ country diarist for Wales, Jim Perrin, has common ground with R.J. Ellory: both are proved to have a propensity for ‘imaginative’ writing. Ref: ‘Jim Perrin Writes an Anonymous Letter.’

Recently we have noticed that since the first entry about Jim Perrin on Wikipedia, 22/10/05, there have been numerous amendments. (Wikipedia, ‘view history’).

Whilst we understand that anyone may add to an entry if the details added are correct, is it possible that the majority of these were posted either by Jim Perrin or at his behest; or by his inducement?  Sometimes changes were made in quick succession, even within minutes.

It is noteworthy that Jim Perrin is ‘advertised’ as a writer of obituaries and an example is actually given: we cannot help but feel that this advertisement indicates a singular lack of taste (if not an infringement of Wikipedia rules) although it is revealing that it should be thought so worthy of pride and recognition; and of self-promotion. Continue reading