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Deaf ears in the Welsh literary hierarchy?

Is all the information that we have discovered and made public about the author Jim Perrin falling on deaf ears in Wales? Apparently not minded to pay any attention to the details which we have been posting, the editor of the ‘New Welsh Review’ continues to credit him with her personal approval; even allowing to stand, in NWR, a review of West in which the reviewer used these accusatory words — by implication of our family and Jac, the sister we lost to cancer — ‘About the cruel and covetous behaviour of the immediate family of the recently deceased.’ Please see our post Pillaging. This was quite shameful as although the reviewer may not have known the facts, the editor had most certainly been told. Continue reading


Does Jim Perrin escape to a Pyrenean hideaway?

Whilst we do not know when (or if) Jim Perrin moved to France, the many comments written by him and by others show how difficult he is to ‘place’: we think this is his strategy, and in our opinion his own comments are designed to deceive — to double-bluff.

After we wrote in Jim Perrin’s Fiefdom ‘He has not lived in Wales for some four or five years’ (as this was the deliberate impression he gave in interviews)* we were contacted by someone who told us: ‘I can assure you that Jim was living in Penrhyndeudraeth in 2010, he didn’t leave for the French Pyrénées until he had sold his house in October. There are many people in these parts who can verify that.’ Sadly we have learned he was with a young woman in that village whom he cast aside when he did leave for France…

We should, it seems, more accurately have written ‘He has not lived in Wales [consecutively] for some four or five years.’

But did the CSA know of that Welsh address? — the answer is ‘yes’ and we have learned that he left very hastily in good time to evade them; and others — (Grant Gee for one) who were also trying to contact him: we know that when he left that property he owed an extremely large amount to British Telecom.

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On a lighter note…

There is online a grimly humorous ‘Death List Forum’ where ‘maryportfuncity’ picked up, on July 7th, 2010, Jim Perrin’s claim to be dying of terminal lung cancer, and ‘quantick soul orchestra’ then went on to say: ‘Now, while low-key travel writers aren’t exactly big business…  Read it here. (Go to page 8 of 52 and then scroll down to November 10th, 2011) — for the full and amusing text. And they were kind enough to direct their readers to our site, for which we thank them…

Jac’s sisters.