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‘Guardian’ Country Diarist Jim Perrin, (alias ‘Llywarch’—alias ‘Tim Bartley’) reviews his own work

Virtually since the inception of our site we have explained why we are convinced that Jim Perrin has used ‘Llywarch’ (among a number of other names) as an alias, and we believe the mounting circumstantial evidence is by now all but conclusive. Finally he too seems to have realized that we — and many others who now see through him — are laughing at him, and his derisory foolishness in believing that his fraudulent behaviour has not been detected.

However, nothing daunted in his sense of invincibility, nor in his on-going efforts to puff his own work, yet apparently accepting at last that his continued use of the name ‘Llywarch’ was leaving him wide open to ridicule (not to mention making evident his determined deceit) he has ‘pulled’ the review of his own work Shipton and Tilman which he had posted on Amazon, 25/03/2013. Continue reading


An extraordinary volte-face

We have just received a message via our secure contact form, and whilst we must emphasize its absolute security, and would not usually refer to the content of any message received (unless it were intended that we should), this one intrigued us.

Apparently it was sent by one of our former and more vituperative online critics, ‘Liz’ and they apologized for the tenor of their earlier criticisms of us on various public sites; most interestingly, they declared that they also now recognized Jim Perrin as the individual we have been describing throughout.

It is a measure of the multiple and disordered online personalities that we believe Jim Perrin has created, and which we have detailed in our posts, that we feel unable to take this contact entirely at face value or to respond via the email address provided in it. Continue reading


Llywarch’s poisoned pen

In April of this year, on Amazon, we read an intriguing review of Shipton and Tilman. Written by Mr. Bob Comlay, 27/04/2014, it seemed he had first-hand knowledge of one of the subjects of the book, and he was by no means complimentary to the author. Therefore it was hardly a surprise — when one considers his scorpion’s sting — that ‘Llywarch’ countered with an attack in support of his hero, Jim Perrin (we of course believe ‘Llywarch’ is Jim Perrin!): the posting of this poisonous comment was evidently an attempt to devalue and even to invalidate Mr. Comlay’s review. Continue reading