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Jim Curran v Jim Perrin (part 2 of 6)

After an eleven year hiatus an article was published in Climber and Hillwalker which contained seriously offensive material concerning Jim Curran: the author of this insulting article was Jim Perrin! How strange that he seemed to have set up a vendetta against his former fellow-climber; at the least, to have been busily conducting what could only be described as a smear campaign.

Did he feel guilt (or any remorse, we wonder) about what obviously had been his cavalier handling of that climb in 1979? Perhaps he was aware that although, so far, Jim Curran had not publicly discussed it he might yet write about it, giving his accurate account of what had taken place that day on Mewsford Point: did Jim Perrin — as attack is thought by some to be the best form of defence — decide to write the highly questionable (and, as it turned out, actually libellous) article to pre-empt any such account?

We mentioned in our earlier posting that Jim Perrin had not, until then, written anything negative about that climb, nor had he ever indicated previously that there had been anything of which to complain… Continue reading

Jim Curran v Jim Perrin (part 1 of 6)

In an earlier posting  Jim Perrin loses a court case?  we were referring to the case, it had been decided, which was to be brought against him and we are now able to give the facts as told us by the other person most nearly concerned — ‘the injured party’.

In 1979 Jim Perrin was climbing with a fellow climber, Jim CURRAN, on the sea-cliffs of Wales. The step by step and the finger-tip-hold progression of this climb — the attempt of a new route on the Mewsford Point — is documented in chapter twenty of Jim Curran’s* autobiography, Here, There and Everywhere.  (published in Spring, 2012) and is described minutely in climbing terms which will be recognised by all rock-climbers: even to non-climbers it is apparent from his words that Jim, as Jim Perrin’s climbing partner on that occasion, was placed in some danger and experienced considerable disquiet as he followed. Continue reading

Might Jim Perrin also have used aliases? (Ref. R J Ellory)

We spoke of ‘Melangell’ in the previous post but ‘Liz’, we are certain, was Jim Perrin, and ‘My Sweet Waterfall’.  Both posted on ‘To Hatch a Crow’ — pro-Jim Perrin and anti-Jac’s Sisters, and then ‘Liz’ posted several comments on the Amazon thread following a review of Jim Perrin’s book, West.

Each time we put up a new post ‘Liz’ responded to the content — sometimes within hours — on Amazon, with no mention at all of the book; the postings were obvious attempts to vilify us and to discredit our site. To be fair to Amazon they removed all those comments when we pointed out to them what was happening, although we have of course kept print-outs …

We also alerted them to our suspicions that ‘Mark’ / ‘Marc’ was, in reality, Jim Perrin.  A gushing review of his own book, with five stars, (and a gratuitous reference to Jac’s sisters), and a flattering review of a book by Niall Griffiths, with five stars, — a friend of Jim Perrin’s at the time — had been posted.  They are still there; but a review of another, intelligent and highly regarded, author’s work was so cynical in its wording as to be recognized for the malice it was, and one star. Continue reading