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‘Perrinoia’ (Ref. our post ‘We are not convinced’)

We had hardly posted this title Jim Perrin’s Fiefdom, 23/06/2011, in which we outlined our idea that the author has been manipulating the internet for some time, when ‘Liz’ — (watching and waiting?) — followed on Amazon with another inimitable response.

Completely ignoring the reason for our site, the important issues raised and the proof we have shown of Jim Perrin’s lies and behaviour to our sister, ‘Liz’ — three comments after saying: ‘Do not bother with one of your oh so reasonable replies, I won’t be reading it!’,  is apparently still reading our posts regularly and posted a response on Amazon within only hours of that entry being posted…

It was one of her (JP?s) typical comments — this time the rabbit produced from the hat was the word ‘toxic’ (which we hope we are not) and here we will quote ourselves:

‘Lest we be accused of “Perrinoia” who else but HE would care, or would be sufficiently interested, or would have the motive, to so traduce us?’

And we still think that this ‘lady doth protest too much’.

We do firmly believe that Jim Perrin has manipulated the internet using the only ‘avenue’, ref. ‘Liz’, open to him (without breaking cover) to shout down Jac’s sisters and if anyone is still reading that Amazon thread, to Have the Last Word’ — usually offensive.

It is our absolute opinion that ‘Liz’s’ remarks are suspect and we have shown in preceding blogs how typical we believe them to be of Jim Perrin’s modus operandi.

Amazon, we understand, are a completely fair and even-handed organisation: they have allowed ‘Liz’ to post some very questionable comments — possibly because we have not complained — and as we said elsewhere ‘all publicity is good publicity’. We are grateful to ‘Liz’ for reminding readers that we have a site of our own, although we believe that she has recently caused some of our reviews and comments — and those of others — to be deleted from Amazon threads.

Our site is important to us and as we wish as many people as possible to be shown the lies which Jim Perrin has told in West we are pleased that some who may not have discovered that we had a site — until reading the comments posted by ‘Liz’ on Amazon — are now made aware: we thank her for that inadvertent support…

Here is the apology she demanded: posted on Amazon it was instantaneously deleted and as it was certainly tongue in cheek we quite understand her wish to have it deleted from the record:

‘We unreservedly apologise to ‘Liz’ (JP?) for doubting her existence. Although we feel that the denigratory, insulting and offensive language which she has used about us on this site [Amazon], could be thought a master class!’

Jac’s sisters.



False Accusations

Maybe there is some misunderstanding by ‘Liz’, and now ‘Seicolegwr’, as to the purpose of our site? It is not and was never intended to be a FORUM, although they have both, we believe disingenuously and artfully, posted comments on Amazon to the effect that they cannot comment on our site, and by this means they have also evidently managed to plant — through their chosen Amazon avenue — a surprising amount of gratuitous insult and accusation.

As to ‘Liz’, perhaps we were drawing too close by voicing our suspicions in our posts because she claimed her latest comment to be her last: ‘memo to self, “stop feeding the trolls!” so I have.’ And it has just been pointed out to us that ‘troll’ is used pejoratively in internet jargon — by those who know. ‘Seicolegwr’ writes: ‘…but my comments were neither published nor acknowledged (and nor have anyone else’s been)’ — although he cannot know that — and he goes on to pour thorough-going unpleasantness upon us. Incidentally, we have actually responded privately to those whom we believe to be genuine. Continue reading