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Author Jim Perrin’s book not recommended for Christmas

Our review of West which having been on Amazon for many months, was later removed, we think at the request of its author. This is our review:

‘Jac’s sisters believe that Jim Perrin wrote his book ‘West: A Journey Through The Landscapes Of Loss’ on at least one dishonest premise — that is, his relationship with our sister Jac (Jacquetta).  He claimed falsely, as we can prove, that she was his ‘lover, wife and friend of forty years’, and we in our blog ‘Jacssisters’ are explaining how things really were.  Please do read it if you wish to discover the truth about Jim Perrin’s relationship with our sister.

He (we believe disingenuously) wrote this account as one part of his ‘triad of tragedy’ as he put it, referring to the death of his son, the death of our sister, and his diagnosis of terminal illness.  However, it has now come to light, and we have learned, that another part of his ‘triad’ is in doubt.  We are relieved for his sake that Jim Perrin has had to admit he is NOT, as he told his readers and interviewers, dying of terminal lung cancer.  Nevertheless, yet another fulsome review of his book ‘West:’ has been posted, this time by ‘Mark’.  We suspect that this is a plant by Jim Perrin (N.B. see the other two reviews by ‘Mark’, one sycophantic to a degree, and one slating an exceptionally sensitive travel writer) and we will add the name to those we believe Jim Perrin has used as aliases; either to muddy the waters of our own account (ref. A Question of Identity on Jacssisters blog), or, (and we believe that it is not impossible that he does this frequently) to puff his own work.  We cannot recommend this book for your Christmas list.  It is not in our opinion an honest book, and be warned, it is full of gratuitously salacious material and is in parts, we believe, thoroughly nasty.’

Jac’s sisters.

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Is Jim Perrin ‘Melangell’?

We wonder if we are the only ones who suspect Jim Perrin to be using aliases, (ref. our previous posts), and of planting spurious comments on the internet under the security-blanket of anonymity: and, of course, we do have proof that he wrote a wicked ‘anonymous’ letter back in 2005 (ref. our post Jim Perrin Writes an Anonymous Letter). As he was so dishonest in writing that letter we feel there is the strongest possibility that he might have written others.

One of our many contacts has just informed us that there is a long thread on The Guardian. The ‘Melangell’ entries show many of the usual ‘trade-marks’ of the author, Jim Perrin and it is our view that he is posing as a woman — ‘Melangell’ — with an opinion on everything and a comment on everybody and, unless fulsomely praising those whom he wishes — by flattery — to hold close to him and others whom he hopes to impress, writes in a style which is markedly egotistical, ‘know it all’, and  frequently downright unpleasant. At least two of these comments were deleted by the moderator. Continue reading